ATROCITY: SSS officer, 3 family members were killed by son in Kano, Nigeria


    ATROCITY: SSS officer, family members killed by son in Kano, Nigeria

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    Nigerians have been shocked to learn that the 23-year-old son of a high-ranking official with Nigeria”s secret police  (SSS) has confessed to killing his his father and three family members during a knife attack, police has said.
    The police said Baba Garba killed his father Garba Bello as he was worried he couldn”t support his ill father”s family after he died.
    Garba with his wife and three of his children were killed in northern state of Kano on Monday.

 Two other children were said to have escaped the attack of which Baba was one.

 The other was seriously wounded and may later be called in to confirm the confession his brother.
    Kano is the largest city in northern Nigeria where killing of government officers and security operatives have been recorded recently.

Barely a week ago, a retired police officer Zannah Kyari who gave testimony against a Muslim deadly sect, Boko Haram during a court trial was killed by men on motor bikes. USAfrica/PTI/