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  1. Chris Christian says:

    The plane was leased by Dr. Kase Lawal that is a Nigerian Native and happens to be a rich oil tycoon out of Houston. He is also a Commissioner on the Houston Port Authority. Southlake Aviation leased the aircraft to him and has nothing to do with the deal as they only leased their aircraft when money got slow. Dr. Kase Lawal is also tied to the Obama Administration through his political connections and was originally appointed by Bill Clinton. Dr. Kase Lawal is affiliated with Obama through the United States Trade Advisory Committee for Africa. His poor flight crew is still locked in a hotel and had nothing to do with his scam. He is supporting the rebels that are killing, raping, and supporting their arms addiction with his cash for the Gold Sale and who knows what else he is buying from them. BLOOD MONEY! This should make some good headline news that President Obama’s continued support of this man is killing people with our own oil money. What a guy! I can’t believe there has not been more come out about this.

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