USAfrica: Trump looks foolish and crazy screaming about Obama’s birth certificates, college records and Muslim connection

Trump looks foolish and crazy screaming about Obama’s birth certificates, college records and Muslim connection

By Raynard Jackson, USAfrica contributing editor and columnist

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When Donald Trump began to make public overtures about his possible interest in running for president of the U.S., I thought he could be a substantive wild card in the race.

I thought Trump could be a viable candidate because he does have a successful track record as a businessman.  During next year’s presidential campaign, the economy will be the number one issue—this would have played right into Trump’s strength.

But, Trump has allowed himself to be hijacked by his own ego.  He has allowed some Republican political operative to convince him that talking about whether Obama is a U.S. “citizen” or not is a way to help him with Republican primary voters.

Now Trump is questioning how Obama got into Columbia and Harvard Universities.  He has accused Obama of being an “affirmative action” case—in other words, Obama didn’t “earn” his admission to these schools, but rather, was admitted only because he was Black.

What a sad commentary when the media allows someone to make baseless charges, without being challenged.  What proof does Trump have of this, since Obama’s records are private?  Am I the only one who finds it quite amazing that none of the previous 43 presidents of the U.S. have ever had their citizenship challenged, their religious faith challenged, or their educational achievement challenged?

I will leave to your own imagination the 1 thing that separates Obama from any other president we have had!

Success is not how far you have come, but rather, the distance travelled from where you started.  By this standard, Obama is much more successful than Trump will ever be.

Remember, Trump inherited his wealth from his father’s very successful real estate company—Trump increased revenues, but he began his journey with extreme wealth.

Obama, on the other hand, started in dire poverty and ended up being president of the U.S.  Now, tell me who is more successful?

So yesterday, I was totally astonished when Obama publically disclosed the long version of his birth certificate.  He had refused to do so for the past 3 years and out of nowhere, he releases it.

Obama was trumped by Donald into releasing this personal data.  Obama has once again given his enemies the impression that he is weak and is afraid to deal with confrontation.

The more Trump talks, the less credible he becomes as a possible presidential candidate.  He has yet to give an interview were he offered a serious discussion on the issues of the day.  To no one’s surprise, the media is more interested in Trump the “entertainer,” not Trump the “candidate.”     The media has yet to challenge Trump on some of the idiotic things he has said about Obama.  Why has the media not asked to see Trumps college transcripts, financial statements, etc.?

Trump doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of becoming president.  I hope he is not intoxicated enough to believe the polls that show him number 1 or 2 in the Republican primary.  These polls mean absolutely nothing—it is way too early to look at polls.

Trump is in the process of destroying the one thing that is almost impossible to regain once lost—his brand.  Donald may have trumped Obama by forcing his hand in regards to his birth certificate.  But, the more Trump talks about crazy issues like birth certificates, college records, or whether Obama is a Muslim; the more he looks like a joker.

Our country is facing too many serious issues to allow this type of foolishness to continue.  If we, as voters, allow Donald to trump the seriousness of the issues we are facing with the tomfoolery Trump has exhibited; then we have no one to blame if our country falls like a house of cards.  It will be too late to then say to Trump, “you’re fired!”

•Jackson,  Washington DC-based contributing editor and columnist for USAfricaonline.comCLASSmagazine(Houston) and ExcellStyle, is CEO of the public relations/government affairs firm, Raynard Jackson & Associates, LLC. Several of his columns have appeared here at


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