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    Speak on Chido!  That is WHY I remain 'STUCK'  as SAFETY is a huge issue for me!

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    Attorney Okey Obi Dike

    We are not ready to build a nation. Most of our leaders do not understand nor appreciate what their sworn constitutional duties are. It’s all about the pomp and pagentry of the office. It’s about what I can get out the office, so at the end of their tenure, the become billionaires. We do not understand the essence of government. When a government fails to provide an environment where it’s citizens are secured in their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the core reason for government ceases to exist. The people have a natural right to reject the charade. A free people have no business accepting a government that has a morbid aversion to their interests and welfare. The tragedy of Nigeria is that we accept this crap. I miss President Emeka Ojukwu. The last Nigerian leader with the balls of steel.

    From Attorney Okey Obi Dike
    Houston Texas

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