April 26, 2017

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  1. Nyke Julius says:

    The General is haunted severely by his past deeds. I mean the blood of the innocent Biafran children and soldiers shed on the Nigerian soil which could have been avoided. Yes Gowon is haunted. That's why he has tagged his project as "Nigeria Prays'. Is Christ and Gods name mentioned in that his project? Anybody can claim to be praying. With his recent 'no regret' stance, he is not praying to THE GREAT GOD OF THE HEBREWS. Did I say 'HIBOS'. Yes the great God of the Ibos. If he were praying to the MAN OF WAR, THE STRENGTH OF JACOB, HE THAT DWELLS IN A LIGHT UNAPPROACHABLE, WHO DOES NOT ACQUIT THE WICKED, he would have had a deep pricked conscience and keep saying 'please we are sorry for whatever happened, it was just a war-situation' and not outrageously saying they has no regrets at all. Well, that is the soldier for you. They are merciless. He is wasting his time praying with that kind of heart. His prayers don't go beyong his roof ceiling. That's why his state & North are shedding more blood which he initiated. He cannot worship God. No matter how hard he tries to appease his conscience – he is trully haunted.

  2. Speed Darlington says:

    No I don't. xxx Nigeria. BIAFRA is the future!

  3. Speed Darlington says:

    Dose anybody know the address of Yakubu Gowon in London? or how to get it? I need this info asap.

  4. Mike Nna says:

    General Gowon did I read you and Awolowo justified genocide, starvation massacre on me and my people to the extent that 2 million Ibo people died as a result of starvation, massacre, economic and military blockade from your residence in London? Thank God for "Angel" Ojukwu wagging the war to prevent you from carrying out further damage. General Gowon did I further hear you and Awolowo and Late General Murtala Mohammed and General Ibrahim Harunna and General Hassan Kastina had even planned of killing Ojukwu and other Ibo leaders if you all had captured them immediately after the war? Thank God for Dr Alvan Ikoku, Dr Akanu Ibiam and Professor Eni Njoku for advising top Ibo Biafrans to leave and the likes of Ojukwu and Dr M. I. Okpara listened. Gowon my prayer is for God to visit you and your accomplice and hold you all accountable from generation to generations in Jesus name I pray. AMEN and AMEN and AMEN! and as prayed and said so shall it be and answered in JESUS NAME, AMEN! NOW My Dearpeople you all pray this prayer everyday for seven days. DO YOU ALL STILL BELIEVE IN ONE AND EQUALITY NIGERIA.

  5. Divinefavor Chukuma-Ijem says:

    I also heard so but this recent statement accredited to him is shocking & almost unbelievable!

  6. Revsunday Onyeagulu says:

    But I heard Gowon has embraced Christ.

  7. Divinefavor Chukuma-Ijem says:

    It's difficult to believe that "a Christian" and an elderly statesman who has been gathering people in different towns across Nigeria to pray for God's visitation / healing upon Nigeria is still at this level of depravity! I am sorry for Nigeria as country for her future is bleak indeed!

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