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    Stanley Chinedu

    THERE WAS A COUNTRY- By Prof Achebe.
    A good book is the purest essence of a human soul. By Carlyle Thomas.
    Some books leave us free and some books make us free. By Ralf W. Emerson. They say time ripens all things and that time itself is an element. To speak and speak well are two things ; talking and eloquence are not the same; a fool may talk but a wise man speaks.

    After reading THERE WAS A COUNTRY my spirit was down & I had goose pimples; This book represents in every sense the darkest nadir of our protracted history as a Nation. They say that every moon has it's dark side and that an Ostrich Bird cannot hide it's full body by putting it's head alone in a hole. This is the Biafran Holocaust experience. The Igbo survival will & fate do contrary run that our devices still are overthrown in today's Nigeria.
    The most unforgiving part of the Book is Chief Awolowo's punitive fiscal policies against an impoverished , tired, bruised, psychologically traumatized Biafran people- comprised of dying children & old women just after the war. What an irony that such erudite financial wizard should put his calculus brain to such infamy & evil application tells a lot about the human mind. It will forever remain indelible as one of the greatest war crime in the minds of the Igbo-race, every generation passes it to their children – His action was an OVER-KILL for soldiers/people that has fallen down already.

    Every nation is governed by it's imagination. HORACE summed up the Igbo spirit when he wrote " The greatest thing in the world is to know how to be sufficient unto oneself" this book is a glossary of things we wish to cover under the carpet of history; I appreciate that Prof Achebe as ever has the AUDACITY to turn the dark side of our war history to the sun…. now we can see, feel, think about our collective purpose in moving today's Nigeria forward….. when you read the book – you either like it or hate it depending on your tribal extraction.
    Congrats Dr. Chido Nwangwu for a wonderful moderation of this iconic event..
    Stanley C Acholonu (Award winning film Director/Writer).

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