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On November 20, 2014, President Barrack Obama issued an executive order that will bring sweeping changes in the immigration law and change the lives of an estimated 5.7 million undocumented immigrants in the United

U.S President BARACK Obama
U.S President BARACK Obama

States today.

Obama, like his predecessor George W. Bush, made it categorically clear that anyone who thinks or believes that all illegal immigrants would be deported is not being realistic. What with the cost per person alone, resources are being wasted, not to talk about separation of families. This executive action is about the deportation of felons and not families as President Obama rightly stated.

What are the criteria? To qualify, you must:
Have continuously Lived in the United States for more than five years;
Entered without inspection or lawful immigration status expired or have a deportation or removal order;
Have not been convicted of a felony offense or significant criminal offense;
Have paid taxes and of good moral character;
Have a child who is a permanent resident or United States Citizen;
Be brought to the United States when you were under 16 years regardless of your age now.

The full criteria is not yet formulated as this action was just unveiled last night, November 20, 2014
Who qualifies?
Parents, Children, Sisters, Brothers and Grand Parents.

It looks like this applies to anyone who has lived in the United States for over five years with no criminal history and pays taxes.

When does this begin?: It is believed that the effective date is January 1, 2015 but we are waiting on USCIS to come up with the application form and filing fees.
For How Long: Just as President Obama stated in his speech, it a temporary fix. It is speculated that the work permit will be good for three years, it is not clear if it is renewable but it is hoped that congress would have done the right thing before the end of the three year term.

What Barrack Obama’s executive order is all about:
Promoting family unification

Promoting accountability for those already within our borders

Discouraging illegal migration by requiring that you be in the United States for more than five years

Promoting the deportation of felons and criminals by requiring that you have no criminal history

Grow the economy by allowing high skilled worker to stay and put back into the system legally

Reinforcing border protection by adding additional resources to the United States border.

Ultimately, we need immigration reform and congress still need to act. What President Obama has done with this new deferred action like the other deferred action is to buy time for undocumented immigrants while we all wait for congress to Act.

What President Obama is offering in essence is legal status in exchange for accountability. It is estimated that about 11.7 million undocumented immigrants are in the shadows, if an estimated 5.7 million is brought out from the shadows with this order, imagine the resources and revenue that can be generated.

Tell the American people the facts and let them judge. This is not about encouraging illegal immigration. Just as stated by President Obama, we are a country of immigrants and we were all once strangers to this land at one point or the other. Let us see if this motivates congress to Act. Take action right now if you are in this category as soon as the application from is released by USCIS. This may all go away come election 2016 if we get in a new president.

Remember it is an executive order and another executive can undo it but those who are already in the system in reliance of the order will not be cut off. We need the backing of Congress to get these into law so that families can stay together instead of these personal attacks on President Obama. That is the American Dream. We’ll watch and see.

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