April 26, 2017

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USAfrica is an international multimedia company, founded since 1992 by Dr. Chido Nwangwu [author of Mandela & Achebe: Leadership, Identity and Footprints of Greatness], with its headquarters in Houston, Texas. Also, he established the 1st African-owned, U.S.-based professional newspaper published on the internet USAfricaonline.com, both assessed by the CNN and The New York Times as the largest and arguably the most influential African-owned, U.S-based multimedia networks. USAfrica’s first print edition of USAfrica magazine published August 1993; USAfrica The Newspaper on May 11, 1994; The Black Business Journal in 1998; CLASSmagazine on May 2, 2003; PhotoWorks.TV in 2005, and several platforms and products. USAfricaonline.com is powered by the global resources of USAfrica, CLASSmagazine, CLASSmagazine.TV, PhotoWorks.Tv, USAfrica.TV, MandelaAchebeChido.com, AchebeBooks.com and ChidoNwangwu.com

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  1. Rachel Gottlieb says:


  2. Patrick Nwokike says:


  3. Ifeatu Oraelosi says:

    Congratulations, Prof!

  4. Wumi Akintide says:

    Great writer and clearly one of the best in the business. He sure deserves the great honor. Congrats to the one and only Okey Ndibe. I throw my salute, Sir.

  5. Kenneth Osita Paulys Odidika says:

    Congrats, Okey.

  6. Ngozika Njoku-Igwe says:

    Chido Nwangwu, you are a real gem. Thanks for capturing Okey Ndibe’s success on your special day. Happy birthday Sir!

  7. Ada Agina-Ude says:

    He deserves it. I just finished reading the book – a sad Nigerian story told with elegance, humour and simplicity.Despite being thorouhly entertained, I felt angry and depressed at the end. More effective than all the theses on the Nigerian problem.

  8. Penina Roth says:

    Huge congrats, Okey!

  9. Hari Levin Millan says:

    Congrats!! We will celebrate when you come to Drexel!

  10. Austin Oduozo says:

    Here is to wish you every blessing that life could offer. Happy birthday Chido

  11. Chiedu Alex Nweke says:

    Congratulations to my very good friend

  12. Omenihu Amachi says:


  13. Felicia Patrick Veronika says:

    Brother Okey Ndibe, congratulations on your award. Truly Deserving.

  14. Maxie Ehieze says:

    The stars are truly aligned. No one can stop the rain. Professor okey Ndibe is a profound scholar, who is constantly traveling the world speaking truth to power, challenging impunity and all those in our world who abuse the people’s trust and profit from their poverty and pain. Our world is a better place because Okey Ndibe lives in it.

  15. Victor Oye says:

    Congratulations nwannem! More power to your arm.

  16. Mary Ellen Molski says:

    How wonderful–congratulations!

  17. Koleoso Idowu Muhammed says:


  18. Ngozika Njoku-Igwe says:

    Okey Ndibe, you did it again. Congratulations!

  19. Okey Ndibe says:

    John, it’s a blessing to count Ashley, you and the rest of the family as friends. Rudolf, daalu!

  20. Ikenna Anokute says:

    Happy Birthday bros, God is not done yet.

  21. Rudolf Ogoo Okonkwo says:

    Congrats, my main man. An extraordinary human being. And Chido, nice gesture.

  22. John Washburn says:

    What an honor, Okey!! Many congratulations from our family.

  23. Citizen Mike says:

    Well deserved, many congratulations!

  24. Ralph O. Ahanonu says:

    Okey Ndibe is a man who is very passionate about leadership credentials and good governance in his fatherland, Nigeria. His writings are constantly springled with concerns for tomorrow in Africa and the ways out of this quagmire. As a writer, he is a citizen of the world. This is an honour and recognition well deserved for the man of letters who is Proudly African

  25. Samuel D James says:

    Not surprised at all. It’s been long overdue…but all the same, it’s here. Congrats Prof..

  26. Ralph O. Ahanonu says:

    Happy birthday to the former Students Union Secretary Geneneral in the Lion’s den. Chido, it’s your day. Enjoy it

  27. Michael Okekearu says:

    Congrats prof Okey. I missed your recent series in Abuja and Awka

  28. Jonas Odocha says:

    To put pen on paper is challenging and to put pen on paper convincingly is evidence of courage. Congratulations Okey. To Chido may your shadow never grow less.

  29. Sonde Ilo says:

    Congrats Prof

  30. Ola Folarin says:

    Okey Ndibe Okey Ndibe Agujiegbe And pen. Congratulations!!!!

  31. Huguette Njemanze-Fafunwa says:


  32. Gabriel Ushie says:

    Congratulations sir

  33. Ejike Eze says:

    Well deserved. Congratulations Okey.

  34. Coleth Egu says:

    HBD my dear

  35. Obiwu Iwuanyanwu says:

    Congrats, Okey!

  36. Stella Edokpa says:

    I agree, Chido. Once again, congratulations, Okey. I wish you many more regocnitions, and acclades ahead!!

  37. Abraham Madu says:

    Congratulations Prof. Okey Ndibe!

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