April 26, 2017

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  1. Steve Oscar O says:

    Great reflection by honorable sister Elsie Onubogu

  2. Nwaneti Lambert says:

    Well it reflect the kind of healthcare we gave and the state of things in Nigeria. Our leaders with very very few exceptions DO NOT MEAN WELL FOR. THE POPULACE. We have ill trained and daft medical system with individuals called doctors. Our hospital system is in a mess, staff training nothing to write home about unfortunately he could travel like the rest to receive treatment in European or American hospital. God will judge all of them.

  3. Chudi Nwafo says:

    He has played his role on this planet stage.
    Good or bad, it’s gone down in history page,
    Just as much for you and me in this time and age;
    It only matters what we do and say; our legacies, humanity’s heritage.

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