April 26, 2017

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  1. Okey Ikeri says:

    Congrats CHIDO – Communication Harmonization, Information Dissemination & Originality

  2. Adaeze Nwangwu says:

    Congratulations big bro, the honour is well deserved.

  3. Uju Lowell says:

    Nwanne m Jim sie ike na olu oma gi

  4. Larry Nwangwu says:

    Congratulation dear brother

  5. Okwukwe Ibiam says:

    Chido, congratulations!

  6. Uzo Eric Chukwu says:

    Congratulations my brother. Many more are coming your way. Keep up the great job. We are proud of your achievements.

  7. Amaka Nze says:


  8. Godwin Udenka says:

    Congratulations Chido…

  9. Njideka Odera Jinji Akubuilo says:

    Congratulations chido

  10. Helen Nwabuoku says:

    Congratulation Mazi Chido, why am not surprised? Well done!

  11. John Chije Nwofia says:

    Congrats Chido. Well deserved!

  12. Chidi Eronini says:

    Congratulations Mazi, it is an honour well deserved

  13. Ekwutosi Okorouga says:


  14. Gladys Siller says:

    Congrats nwanem Chido

  15. Iphie Oma says:

    Congratulations Chido

  16. Adaku Dike-Olumba says:

    Congratulations Dr. Nwangwu. Well deserved.

  17. Lilian Imo says:

    Jisie ike n’olu. Congrats, Chido.

  18. Comrade Nnanna Nwafor says:

    Congratulations my brother,more grace

  19. Gladys Agorua says:

    Mazi congrats

  20. Eme Akwari says:


  21. Tony Nzeribe says:

    Kudos bro!

  22. Kemas Nkemakolam says:

    Congrats Chido.

  23. Comfort Okeke-Okpala says:

    Well deserving Award. All the kudos to you. Congratulations!

  24. Franca Ukpabia Stovall says:

    Mazi congratulations

  25. Ngozika Njoku-Igwe says:

    Congratulations! Well deserved!!!.

  26. Okey Ndibe says:

    Bro Chido, this is richly deserved.

  27. Fubara David-West says:

    Congratulations, Chido Nwangwu. You truly deserve the honor.

  28. Nkem Ekeopara says:

    Congratulations, Bros. Earned! It’s an honour that transcends Anambra State.

  29. Donald Onyeri says:

    Congratulations, Big Brother! You deserve it.

  30. Patsie Gal Nwachukwu says:

    A well deserved honor my Doc. Congrats. Still moving to greater heights. God will continually bless you.

  31. Ijeoma Olugu says:


  32. Clement Ezeh says:

    You go Chido. Congrats from New Jersey. Well deserved.

  33. Iyke Ekeoma says:

    Chido, well deserved. You have been nothing short of incredible. Wishing you many Moore years of successes.

  34. Rudolf Ogoo Okonkwo says:

    Well deserved, my Oga. You’ve contributed greatly to humanity. Congratulations.

  35. Nnenna Unaka says:

    Mazi Nwanneukwu, congratulations. God is good all the time.

  36. Ejindu Mang says:

    Congratulations onyi Isi, this is a testament of your bravery in journalism. We deserved.

  37. Joy Odinye says:

    Man of Excellence!!!!! Congratulations.

  38. Tim Elombah says:

    Mazi Nwangwu, turu ugo!

  39. Akpokuedike Aguleri says:

    Congrats Chido

  40. Chukwuemeka C. Ekemezie says:

    Congratulations, Chido Nwangwu!

  41. Chinyere Asouzu says:


  42. Abraham Madu says:


  43. Jessy Nwajagu says:

    Mazi congrats

  44. Theophilus Nnorom says:

    Okuko nabu oke na esi na nwata. From the good old days of Nsukka campus I had no doubt in my mind that you are special. Congrats

  45. Jacqueline Audu-sylver says:


  46. Kanu Victor says:

    Congratulations brother, honour well deserved

  47. Ndaguba Rita says:

    Congrats on yet another deserving honor.

  48. Nnamdi Ndu says:

    Congrats Chido!

  49. Dr-Victor Ide-Okoye says:

    Yelp!! My homie congratulations

  50. Jay Ikeme says:

    Congrats Chido Nwangwu. You deserve this!!!

  51. Sam Okenwa Gloryhouse says:

    You worth it. Congrats.
    From Apostle sam Okenwa

  52. Ekeoma Eme Emmanuel says:

    Congrats dear.

  53. Helen Arizor says:

    Congrats Chido! Well deserved!

  54. Joyce Nwosu says:

    Nwa nne’m nwoke, you deserve the recognition and honor. Congratulations. More to come. You are very hard-working and deserving. Blessings.

  55. Chike Ofili says:

    Congratulations, Chido!

  56. Nwangwu Prince Odumegwu says:

    Congrats. .l look out for many more to come ur way

  57. Innocent Nduanya says:

    Congrats sir

  58. Emmanuel Nnadozie Onwubiko says:

    Congratulations my brother. But tell your governor to ban this ‘Miss Anamnra’ scam.

  59. Ogonnaya Owuru says:

    Congrats Nwa Chineke!

  60. Jude Azekwoh says:


  61. Uche Ohia says:

    Congrats, bro. You richly deserve it.

  62. Ekenma Doris Oji says:

    Congratulations well done and well deserved

  63. Ụzọamaka Agbasi says:

    Congrats Mazi for the recognition

  64. Chuks Chuks says:


  65. Oby Okoli Dike says:

    Way to go Bros. Congratulations and many more!!!

  66. Anthony Opo Okonkwo says:

    Congrats Chido Nwangwu

    1. Steve Oscar O says:

      Well deserved honor Mazi. Hearty Congratulations. Keep representing us well. We are proud of you. God is your strength.

  67. Adinije Godwin says:

    Congrats dear

  68. Chidi Chiege says:


  69. Steve Ochonma says:

    congrats Chido

  70. Ike Mbelu says:

    Congratulations Mazi,

  71. Chidimma Obioha Dureke says:

    Congrats Chido

  72. Josh Amaezechi says:

    Congratulations Great Lion!

  73. Ejike Anyaduba says:

    You deserve that…Communication.H. I.D. O

  74. Jachimike Adiele says:

    Congrats Mazi. Longer shall your shadow grow.

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