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  1. Okey Ikeri says:

    Congrats CHIDO – Communication Harmonization, Information Dissemination & Originality

  2. Congratulations big bro, the honour is well deserved.

  3. Uju Lowell says:

    Nwanne m Jim sie ike na olu oma gi

  4. Congratulation dear brother

  5. Chido, congratulations!

  6. Congratulations my brother. Many more are coming your way. Keep up the great job. We are proud of your achievements.

  7. Congratulations Chido…

  8. Congratulation Mazi Chido, why am not surprised? Well done!

  9. Congrats Chido. Well deserved!

  10. Congratulations Mazi, it is an honour well deserved

  11. Congrats nwanem Chido

  12. Iphie Oma says:

    Congratulations Chido

  13. Congratulations Dr. Nwangwu. Well deserved.

  14. Lilian Imo says:

    Jisie ike n’olu. Congrats, Chido.

  15. Congratulations my brother,more grace

  16. Eme Akwari says:


  17. Well deserving Award. All the kudos to you. Congratulations!

  18. Congratulations! Well deserved!!!.

  19. Okey Ndibe says:

    Bro Chido, this is richly deserved.

  20. Congratulations, Chido Nwangwu. You truly deserve the honor.

  21. Congratulations, Bros. Earned! It’s an honour that transcends Anambra State.

  22. Congratulations, Big Brother! You deserve it.

  23. A well deserved honor my Doc. Congrats. Still moving to greater heights. God will continually bless you.

  24. Clement Ezeh says:

    You go Chido. Congrats from New Jersey. Well deserved.

  25. Iyke Ekeoma says:

    Chido, well deserved. You have been nothing short of incredible. Wishing you many Moore years of successes.

  26. Well deserved, my Oga. You’ve contributed greatly to humanity. Congratulations.

  27. Nnenna Unaka says:

    Mazi Nwanneukwu, congratulations. God is good all the time.

  28. Ejindu Mang says:

    Congratulations onyi Isi, this is a testament of your bravery in journalism. We deserved.

  29. Joy Odinye says:

    Man of Excellence!!!!! Congratulations.

  30. Tim Elombah says:

    Mazi Nwangwu, turu ugo!

  31. Congratulations, Chido Nwangwu!

  32. Okuko nabu oke na esi na nwata. From the good old days of Nsukka campus I had no doubt in my mind that you are special. Congrats

  33. Kanu Victor says:

    Congratulations brother, honour well deserved

  34. Ndaguba Rita says:

    Congrats on yet another deserving honor.

  35. Yelp!! My homie congratulations

  36. Jay Ikeme says:

    Congrats Chido Nwangwu. You deserve this!!!

  37. You worth it. Congrats.
    From Apostle sam Okenwa

  38. Helen Arizor says:

    Congrats Chido! Well deserved!

  39. Joyce Nwosu says:

    Nwa nne’m nwoke, you deserve the recognition and honor. Congratulations. More to come. You are very hard-working and deserving. Blessings.

  40. Chike Ofili says:

    Congratulations, Chido!

  41. Congrats. .l look out for many more to come ur way

  42. Congratulations my brother. But tell your governor to ban this ‘Miss Anamnra’ scam.

  43. Congrats Nwa Chineke!

  44. Uche Ohia says:

    Congrats, bro. You richly deserve it.

  45. Congratulations well done and well deserved

  46. Congrats Mazi for the recognition

  47. Way to go Bros. Congratulations and many more!!!

    1. Well deserved honor Mazi. Hearty Congratulations. Keep representing us well. We are proud of you. God is your strength.

  48. Ike Mbelu says:

    Congratulations Mazi,

  49. Congratulations Great Lion!

  50. You deserve that…Communication.H. I.D. O

  51. Congrats Mazi. Longer shall your shadow grow.

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