USAfrica: Why latest Supreme Court ruling joining APGA’s Alex Otti to Ogah’s filing against Ikpeazu is critical.

    APGA's Dr. Otti and PDP's Dr. Ikpeazu

    By Chido Nwangwu @Chido247

    The Supreme Court of Nigeria has, a few hours ago, granted the request by the governorship candidate of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) in the Abia State 2015 election, Dr. Alex Otti, to join in the Abia State governorship case pending at the Supreme Court.

    The legal suit of Otti’s interest is the one by one of the PDP’s 2015 governorship aspirants in the Abia PDP state primaries, Dr. Samson Okechukwu Ogah.

    Ogah and Abia’s incumbent Governor Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu were  vehemently opposed to the  joining of the suit by Otti because, among other unstated reasons, it removes from Ogah and Ikpeazu the prior advantages of limiting the case as an “internal” PDP primaries squabble.

    On his plea to Nigeria’s apex, Dr. Otti, former CEO of Diamond Bank of Nigeria told Founder Chido Nwangwu early today January 27, 2017 that in summary there are two critical points to consider: “I’m the only candidate, legally qualified in the 2015 election, who won 25% of the 2/3rds of the valid votes cast.”

    His second pleading is that “in the alternative, the Supreme Court should order a fresh election in Abia.”

    Ogah was defeated by Ikpeazu (strongly sponsored and supported by then outgoing, unpopular Governor T.A. Orji) in the local PDP primaries.

    Ogah won a brief declaration by implication of faulty, non-credible tax documents filed by Ikpeazu.

    Abia State and Nigerian legal pundits are fascinated as much as intrigued by the twists and turns of the governorship tussle. It is important to underline the advantages of the power of incumbency held by Ikpeazu. Amidst all those, Otti has, through severe personal sacrifices, animated by an iron will, propelled by a formidable battery of lawyers and the APGA movement, moved the ball Inside the box; the penalty box…..

    *Dr. Chido Nwangwu who appears as an analyst on CNN and SKYnews serves as Founder & Publisher of the first African-owned, U.S-based newspaper on the internet,



    1. WAOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Dr. Chido Nwangwu Sị na Dr. Otti ebulara bọlụ ahụ bubata n’18 ndị na azọ ọkwa Gọvanọ ndị Abịa. na Ugo ebela n’mgbagbu. Waooooo! Hear him. Hear Agụ pa egbe akpagharị n’ọhịa in English: “ Otti has , through severe personal sacrifices , animated by an iron will, propelled by a formidable battery of layers and the APGA movement, moved the ball inside the box; the penalty box.” By Dr. Chido Nwangwu.
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