Rev. Nick Clayton’s faithfulness extends his grandpa’s vision at St. Paul church

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Rev. Nick Clayton’s faithfulness extends his grandpa’s vision at St. Paul church
By Chido Nwangwu
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USAfrica: In the afternoon of Sunday June 24, 2012, the Senior Pastor of St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church of Houston, Rev.  Nathaniel “Nick” Clayton, II (CSSC), co-hosted families, friends


members and neighbors of the church to the special event of the 2nd anniversary of his ordination as leader of the church.

In assessing the direction of the church, he notes “God is blessing this Ministry immensely.  He is revealing Himself daily within the Pastoral part of this Ministry, as well as throughout the Church and its Membership. God is even revealing Himself in the people of the community which surrounds the church….”
The pictures I took from the 2nd anniversary are exclusively on USAfrica’s events and pictorials mega-site PhotoWorks.TV
Clayton, who also serves as a member of the editorial board of USAfrica, recalled that “two years ago, when I accepted the task of Pastoral Leader at St. Paul, there (were) only (2) two people in attendance at the Church Services on Sunday mornings. Everyone else who were members during my Grandpa’s 57 year tenure had either passed away or found other church homes.”
St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church of Houston, Inc. is located at 
1002 St. Clair (at Knox Street), Houston, TX  77088, a section of town needing some business and opportunities for the population.
Clayton who served as a former adviser to Houston’s ex-Mayor has set in motion good efforts for  community development structures. In his words: “We have began and have completed numerous well-needed repairs and building improvement projects and we have even formed a Community Development Corporation (CDC) which will be used to re-develop the community in which St. Paul is situated.”
He took a quick inventory of his tenure so far and points out that “I initiated several campaigns to promote and to move the Church and its Ministries forward. One of those initiatives was a Prayer Campaign, which includes a Community Prayer Vigil where we assemble the entire Houston Metro Community into St. Paul and raise the roof in prayer every first Monday at 7PM. Simultaneously, we continued with our routine  weekly Wednesday Prayer meetings and our Effectual and Fervent  Prayers during every services. We continued to pray and ask God to increase our territory. In the last (18) eighteen months, there has been some Sunday Services in which the church was half full, such as Children’s Day, which is on the 2nd Sundays.  There has even been a few Special Services in which the church was filled almost to capacity, such as Friends and Family Day and the 2011 Pastor’s first Anniversary Celebration.”
His formal pastoral leadership of the church (which I also witnessed as his friend and covered for USAfrica, PhotoWorks.TV and CLASSmagazine) took place on June 15, 2010. Two years upon my return, I witnessed a more inspiring afternoon of songs, outstanding African-American gospel, a growing faith-filled church, messages about the importance of listening to your special calling and speaking out against evil.
I know that my friend and brother, the Senior Pastor Nick Clayton II, a nationally known structured settlements and financial services specialist, has shown a commendable dedication and admirable humility by keeping the charge and extending the vision at the almost 70-years old church in an economically distressed part of greater Houston.
My prayer: your labor and sacrifices shall not be in vain! May  God bless you, more….
•Dr. Chido Nwangwu, is the Founder & Publisher of USAfrica and the first U.S-based African-owned newspaper published on the internet

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New York City Tax charges: Nigeria owes $16million?
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New York City Tax charges: Nigeria owes $16 million?

USAfrica: The News & Opinion Leader for Africans and Americans.

Special to USAfrica multimedia networks, Houston.,  CLASSmagazine, The Black Business Journaland Nigeria360@yahoogroups e-group

New York City has filed suit in the U.S federal district court for the Southern District of New York against the federal government of Nigerian government for taxes, estimated at almost $16million.

The office of the mayor of New York City is alleging that Nigerian government failed to pay real estate taxes and other charges for commercial offices and other non-tax exempt spaces in the 22-story building it owns at 828 Second Avenue, in Manhattan, known as the “Nigeria House.”

According to Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s news release, his city is seeking between $4.1 million and $16 million in unpaid taxes, and other charges and interest fees.

The New York news radio 1010WINS  notes that although the “Nigeria House” is home to tax-exempt offices like the Nigerian Consulate and the Nigerian Mission to the United Nations, it also provides taxable commercial office space to some tenants.

The Gothamist notes that it’s unclear exactly how much the Nigerian government owes, because the nation’s government has refused to turn over documentation. So Mayor Bloomberg — who in 2003 filed similar suits against Turkey, India, Mongolia, and the Philippines — is seeking between $4.1 million and $16 million in unpaid taxes, charges, and interest from the country. notes that this is another load of international problem for the increasingly troubled Nigeria and Nigerians who are still wondering and pondering where their very ill president Umar Yar’Adua has been for almost 48 days.

Second, the New York tax conflict coming amidst Nigeria’s disagreements with the Obama administration over his classification of Nigeria (in the aftermath of the failed December 25, 2009 terror plot by a Nigerian Farouk Abdul Mutallab) as a country of “interest” on terrorism, seems one trouble too many.

By Chido Nwangwu (with the NY City news release, and wire reports)

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For Sale: medical building in Houston

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ForSale-sign Medical building is for SALE. 8411West Bellfort (near Gessner), Houston, Texas 77071

Price $1,100,000.00 (US$1.1million)

Size: approx 13,000 sq ft, approx 75 parking spaces, 2 entrances, great signage

lease: approx. 15K month, sale: 1.1

Call Zelda 281-658-3062

VIEW pictures of location and inside of property at the USAfrica-powered website: www.PhotoWorks.TV

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