Obiano: My 100 days in office

Obiano: My 100 days in office and where I want to take Anambra State Special to, CLASSmagazine,  and USAfrica multimedia networks, Houston. Follow USAfrica at , and June 25, 2014: It gives me great happiness to see you here today. As...

CHUBA OKADIGBO: Philosopher, scholar, strategist and mentor (1941-2003). By Chido Nwangwu

Dr. CHUBA OKADIGBO (1941-2003): Philosopher, scholar, strategist, wordsmith, publisher, activist, orator, traditionalist (Oyi of Oyi) and former President of the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.                 ...

Taiye Selasi’s ‘Ghana Must Go’ novel raises vital diaspora life issues. USAfricaBOOKS review by...

Taiye Selasi's GHANA MUST GO novel raises vital diaspora life issues   USAfricaBOOKS review by Nneka Ezenwa Chiazor, n USAfrica, June 4, 2013: Ghana Must Go by Taiye Selasi presents a vivid and engaging story of a modern day...

Chinua Achebe’s work on earth was magnificently done. By Chike Momah

TRIBUTE TO CHINUA ACHEBE (IKEJIMBA) 1930-2013 By CHIKE MOMAH Special to,, the USAfrica-powered e-groups of  Nigeria360, IgboEvents, UNNalumni,  and CLASSmagazine Houston.                                            ...

Street kids turned acrobats

In Zambia, thousands of children live on the streets, many affected by HIV. But Barefeet Theatre is a group of former street children that uses performing arts to educate homeless children in Zambia and help keep them off the streets.

The prophet Chinua Achebe’s immortality affirmed with grand apocalyptic valediction. By Uzor Maxim Uzoatu

The prophet Chinua Achebe's immortality affirmed with grand apocalyptic valediction. By Uzor Maxim Uzoatu. Special to USAfrica multimedia networks, and CLASSmagazine, Houston.                                    ...

Long Live, CHINUA ACHEBE! The Eagle on the iroko

Long Live, CHINUA ACHEBE! The Eagle on the iroko By Chido Nwangwu, moderator of the Achebe Colloquium (Governance, Security, and Peace in Africa) December 7-8, 2012 at Brown University, is the Publisher of USAfrica and first African-owned, U.S-based newspaper published on...

On Africa’s economies and peace, Achebe colloquium calls for good governance, indigenous investments

The Colloquium urges governments in Africa and bold private initiatives to work to grow additional, dedicated indigenous investment and entrepreneurial groups rather than depend largely on foreign aid. To paraphrase one of the keynote speakers, foreign aid is morphine; what is really needed in Africa is a dedicated and thorough operation to remove debilitating poverty that robs the people of their dignity and makes them vulnerable to the manipulation of corrupt, self-serving, and divisive leaders and warlords.

USAfricaBooks: AdaOkere Agbasimalo on her novel The Forest Dames and agenda for 2013

I think Women writers (WRITA), and women in the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) and others are not doing badly in this regard. If practical steps are not taken to remove cultural, social, political, religious and economic obstacles in the path of women, there can be no actualisation of their role in national development. By that I mean that the role of women cannot be achieved in “chains”. Their role starts to manifest in their homes where they are pillars of support and nurture cradle of the products of reproduction.

Africa’s new sets of complex challenges dissected at Achebe 2012 Colloquium

In effect, governments like Egypt, Libya and Tunisia, to name a few, are faced with the daunting task of securing a democratic state, foreign to their current political DNA developed from decades of dictatorship. The Central and Eastern regions are undergoing an incredible time of turmoil and instability; to add, South Sudan, as recent as July 9th 2011, celebrated its new national identity and independence from Sudan. West Africa is yet to find an answer to the evolving proliferation and sophistication of terrorism. Africa’s Southern Region still wrestles with matters of race, politics, economic problems, AIDS, housing scarcity and peace building.

Hemlock. A poem by Victor Onyiliagha

 HEMLOCK  By Victor Onyiliagha Special to, CLASSmagazine,, PhotoWorks.TV  and USAfricaTV Ground nut pyramids formed the skyline of our second exodus.1 At the confluence our passover was on dryland to the rubicone of the rainforest To keep Nigeria one is a task that must be done.2 To keep Nigeria...

CLASSmagazine: QueenKay Anadu-Amamgbo on new book, remarrying and moving on

        CLASSmagazine and USAfricaBOOKS Series on new Writers and Artistes • QUEENKAY: MY WORLD. QueenKay Anadu-Amamgbo on new book, love and moving forward. Interview by Dr. Chido Nwangwu, Founder & Publisher, USAfrica & CLASSmagazine, Houston: Congratulations on your first...

Fugitive Nigerian-American Jessica Tata, 22, turns self in; arrested and enroute back to Houston...

Fugitive Nigerian-American Jessica Tata turns self in; arrested and enroute back to Houston By Chido Nwangwu USAfrica Newsroom, March 19, 2011, Houston: USAfrica can confirm that the Houston-Texas-based Nigerian-American Jessica Tata, 22 years old, who fled...

“Why we’re hosting 2011 FESTAC-USA in Houston on Feb 18” – Florence Mkparu

"Why we're hosting the 2011 FESTAC-USA in Houston on Feb 18" - Florence...

USAfrica BrkNEWS: Literary giant Prof. Emmanuel Obiechina dies in U.S

          Literary giant Prof. Emmanuel Obiechina dies in U.S By Chido Nwangwu. Special to USAfrica multimedia networks (Houston) and November 8, 2010: The distinguished and prolific scholar of English language, English literature, African literature and general...

50 years of Nigeria: celebrating our interests with the U.S. By Chudi Okafor

      50 years of Nigeria: celebrating our interests with the U.S. By Hon. CHUDI OKAFOR, the Consul General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, U.S.A. (excerpts from his address at the October 1, 2010 reception...

Kwanzaa celebrates African culture, in Michigan….

Kwanzaa celebrates African culture, in Michigan.... Special to A holiday tradition dating back not centuries but decades has begun with the start of the seven days of Kwanzaa. Unlike Christmas and Hanukkah, Kwanzaa isn't a religious holiday. Based...

Is Sanusi excusing Northern Nigeria’s failings and domination? By Ben Aduba

Sanusi's second point seems that to blame the North for Nigerian failings is futile because the British held down the North while allowing the South a free hand in education. The Northern leaders who led Nigeria such as Babangida were actually guided by southerners. Do not blame the North.

Scientists join forces on AIDS spread in Africa

“We live in a world that is more interconnected every day, and we have all seen how pathogens such as HIV or the swine flu virus can arise in a remote area of the planet and quickly become a global threat,” said Marco Salemi, an assistant professor of pathology, immunology, and laboratory medicine at the UF College of Medicine and senior author of the study. “Understanding the factors that can lead to a full-scale pandemic is essential to protect our species from emerging dangers.”

Houston can’t wait for expanded light rail

Light rail holds too significance to the Bayou City of the 21st century to be considered only so casually, disjointedly and often from partisan political prism. What is important here is that the contract brings to active life an expansion of light rail in this city. It is worth celebrating given that organized partisan opposition to light rail has been the Achilles heel of mass transit in Houston.

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Zuma under fire from Mandela’s comrades as ANC elects new leader for 2019 elections

The African National Congress was lauded for its moral authority in the fight against apartheid in South Africa, but many veterans of that era...

Alabama votes in civil rights champion Jones; rejects Trump, Moore’s sexual dalliances

Alabama votes in civil rights champion Jones; rejects Trump, Moore's sexual dalliances Special to Doug Jones, the Democrat who pulled off a stunning upset victory...

USAfricaTV: Icon of History is OWERRI’s 1st Town Clerk, Emma Orji – profile interview...

USAfrica ICON Of HISTORY - OWERRI's 1st Town Clerk, Mazi Emmanuel AC Orji - profile interview by Chido Nwangwu #USAfrica [youtube]
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