“Why we’re hosting 2011 FESTAC-USA in Houston on Feb 18” – Florence Mkparu

"Why we're hosting the 2011 FESTAC-USA in Houston on Feb 18" - Florence...

Hemlock. A poem by Victor Onyiliagha

 HEMLOCK  By Victor Onyiliagha Special to  USAfricaonline.com, CLASSmagazine, AchebeBooks.com, PhotoWorks.TV  and USAfricaTV Ground nut pyramids formed the skyline of our second exodus.1 At the confluence our passover was on dryland to the rubicone of the rainforest To keep Nigeria one is a task that must be done.2 To keep Nigeria...

Lupita effect: Inspiring Kenya

CNN's Soni Methu explore how Hollywood star Lupita Nyong'o is inspiring members of Kenya's creative arts industry.

Houston can’t wait for expanded light rail

Light rail holds too significance to the Bayou City of the 21st century to be considered only so casually, disjointedly and often from partisan political prism. What is important here is that the contract brings to active life an expansion of light rail in this city. It is worth celebrating given that organized partisan opposition to light rail has been the Achilles heel of mass transit in Houston.

Is Sanusi excusing Northern Nigeria’s failings and domination? By Ben Aduba

Sanusi's second point seems that to blame the North for Nigerian failings is futile because the British held down the North while allowing the South a free hand in education. The Northern leaders who led Nigeria such as Babangida were actually guided by southerners. Do not blame the North.

USAfrica names Okey Ndibe African Writer of the Year 2014

USAfrica names Okey Ndibe 'African Writer of the Year 2014' Special to USAfricaonline.com, CLASSmagazine,  and USAfrica multimedia networks, Houston. Follow USAfrica at Facebook.com/USAfricaChido , Facebook.com/USAfricaLive and Twitter.com/Chido247 Houston, Texas, December 28, 2014: The international multimedia networks and public policy organization, USAfrica, has named Okey Ndibe, prolific...

Street kids turned acrobats

In Zambia, thousands of children live on the streets, many affected by HIV. But Barefeet Theatre is a group of former street children that uses performing arts to educate homeless children in Zambia and help keep them off the streets.

Fugitive Nigerian-American Jessica Tata, 22, turns self in; arrested and enroute back to Houston...

Fugitive Nigerian-American Jessica Tata turns self in; arrested and enroute back to Houston By Chido Nwangwu USAfrica Newsroom, March 19, 2011, Houston: USAfrica can confirm that the Houston-Texas-based Nigerian-American Jessica Tata, 22 years old, who fled...

USAfrica’s Founder Chido Nwangwu, Gen. Teidi get honorary Doctorate of Humanities degree

The U.S.-sponsored, leading international christian education college/seminary in Africa and an affiliate of the University of Nigeria (UNN), WATS, during its 20th Anniversary events May 20-23, 2009, in Lagos, awarded two of its first honorary Doctor of Humanities degrees to the Founder of the USAfrica multimedia networks and data mining corporation Chido Nwangwu, and retired Gen. Samuel L. Teidi, member of the Board of Directors of one of Africa's largest corporations, Dangote Flour Mills....

50 years of Nigeria: celebrating our interests with the U.S. By Chudi Okafor

      50 years of Nigeria: celebrating our interests with the U.S. By Hon. CHUDI OKAFOR, the Consul General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, U.S.A. (excerpts from his address at the October 1, 2010 reception...
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