Why the Republican Party, conservative values are dying

After returning from a recent Republican Conference where I was the keynote speaker, I couldn’t help but to notice that the average age of most of the attendees was 60 plus. Fact is that many conservative parents and grandparents confess that their children and grandchildren are liberal and want nothing to do with the party of their parents. Given the fact that the future strength of any organization can be determined by the number of young people committed to it causes grave concern for the future of the Republican Party. Why aren’t young people attracted to the Republican Party, and what must the Party do to attract more young people?

Body Bombers…Nigerians in Afghanistan

He wanted to know where I came from. When I introduced myself a Nigerian, he got more interested. Lt. Creole believes that if Nigerians are now coming to Afghanistan, the war will soon end. Why? “They will overrun the Taliban”. I don’t understand, you mean Nigeria army will do better than NATO?

USAfricaPOETRY: We are the Africans

USAfricaPOETRY We are the Africans By Konye Obaji Ori Special to USAfricaonline.com We are the Africans We rose with the sun and fell with the rain, Stood with the hills And danced with the forest- as we sing our song. In the comfort...

African Leaders speak at U.S.-Africa Business Summit

Rwandan President Paul Kagame — whose government has been voted the top world reformer in the recently published World Bank report Doing Business 2010 — said his government and citizens are working to be the “best we can be” in their quest for prosperity. “What we have done is what other people can do. It is not magic,” he said. “We have focused on stabilizing our country, making sure there is peace and security … [and] institutions of governance that deliver the public good as required.”

Nigeria’s troubled banking system and need for CBN reforms

Nigerian banking is being pulled from the crisis and profligacy of the past 5 years inflicted by bank executives and some failings on the part of the regulators. Hence, more pragmatic steps seem to be taking shape, led newly-appointed Central Bank of Nigeria Governor Sanusi Lamido, to arrest the ugly situation. Regardless, charges of regional (northern) favoritism, accusations of unfair and hasty leap have been placed at his doors by some southern Nigerian bankers and beneficiaries of the previous order of things. USAfrica's researcher since 1994 and Principal Policy analyst for Afripol EMEKA CHIAKWELU explores this issues and its implications

Darfur, Sudanese refugees face rape daily in Chad

The Amnesty International report says the women and girls are attacked by villagers living nearby, members of the Chadian army and aid workers in the camps. The global human rights body says it is difficult to give the exact number of victims because they rarely report the violence. "Many people know that women who venture outside refugee camps in eastern Chad to collect firewood and water face harassment and rape," said Tawanda

Houston can’t wait for expanded light rail

Light rail holds too significance to the Bayou City of the 21st century to be considered only so casually, disjointedly and often from partisan political prism. What is important here is that the contract brings to active life an expansion of light rail in this city. It is worth celebrating given that organized partisan opposition to light rail has been the Achilles heel of mass transit in Houston.

USAfrica’s Founder Chido Nwangwu, Gen. Teidi get honorary Doctorate of Humanities degree

The U.S.-sponsored, leading international christian education college/seminary in Africa and an affiliate of the University of Nigeria (UNN), WATS, during its 20th Anniversary events May 20-23, 2009, in Lagos, awarded two of its first honorary Doctor of Humanities degrees to the Founder of the USAfrica multimedia networks and data mining corporation Chido Nwangwu, and retired Gen. Samuel L. Teidi, member of the Board of Directors of one of Africa's largest corporations, Dangote Flour Mills....

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Sex-ual Harassment and the Weinstein allegations. By Attorney Patrick Chukelu

Sex-ual Harassment and the Weinstein allegations. By Attorney Patrick Chukelu, contributing editor of USAfrica Prof. Anita Hill's salacious testimony against the confirmation of Clarence Thomas to...

USAfrica: Mrs. Obiano  predicts her husband will win reelection in November  

USAfrica: Mrs. Obiano  predicts her husband will win reelection in November   Special to USAfrica and CLASSmagazine http://usafricaonline.com/2017/10/15/usafrica-mrs-obiano-predicts-husband-will-win-reelection-november/ The wife Governor of Anambra State Osodieme Ebelechukwu V....

FLASHPOINT: Most powerful bomb blast ever in Somalia’s capital kills over 300

The most powerful bomb blast ever witnessed in Somalia's capital killed at least 231 people with more than 275 injured, a senator said Sunday,...