SOCCER twist: FIFA suspends Nigeria for “government interference”

SOCCER twist: FIFA suspends Nigeria for "government interference"Special to USAfrica,, CLASSmagazine (Houston), and AFP:  FIFA suspended Nigeria from international football on Monday, alleging "government interference" in the running of Nigerian football. World football's governing body...

South Africa bids to host Olympics in 2020; following World Cup success….

South Africa bids to host Olympics in 2020; following World Cup success.... Special to and CLASSmagazine JOHANNESBURG, Sept. 29, 2010: Following its success in hosting the 2010 soccer's World Cup, South Africa now has...

CNN International profiles work of USAfrica’s Chido Nwangwu

Influential U.S Congressman Hon. Al Green of the Homeland Security and Financial Services committee who has attended some of the USAfrica Best of Africa events in Houston notes that "Chido and the team at USAfrica really do a first-class job of promoting with class and deep knowledge, the interests of Africans and Americans. Chido's a great credit to journalism and our communities."

Lessons of 2010 World Cup as Africa shines with South Africa’s outstanding hosting of...

Whatever is said, by organising this tournament successfully, South Africa has done Africa proud on the first time of asking. We shall hold this dear for many moons to come....

Jonathan makes u-turn on his Nigeria-FIFA international soccer ban

Jonathan reverses himself on Nigeria international soccer ban Special to Nigeria's government on Monday July  5, 2010 lifted a two-year ban it imposed last week on its national football team after a dismal World Cup...

President Jonathan, shut them down

President Jonathan, shut them down…. By CHIDO NWANGWU, Publisher of USAfrica, and CLASSmagazine, Houston. On Wednesday July 7, 2010, Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan's tangle with the world's soccer governing body FIFA will see the rugged lines...

After World Cup disgrace: Salam disagrees wt Nigeria’s prez Jonathan’s 2-year ban on international...

Aftermath of 2010 World Cup soccer loss: Salam disagrees with Nigeria's president Jonathan's 2-year ban on international soccer activities. Special to and CLASSmagazine, Houston The suspension of Nigeria's national football team from international competition for...

World Cup Soccer 2010: Oh, how the mighty African Footballers fall

FIFA World Cup 2010: Oh, how the mighty African Footballers Fall By Lawrence Taylor Nordee Special and exclusive commentary for and CLASSmagazine, Houston. African countries produce some of the most skillful footballers in...

Soccer: gunmen wound 4 in attack on Togo’s African football stars

Two players, goalkeeper Kodjovi Obilale and defender Serge Akakpo were among the wounded, Dossevi told AFP. "One of them (Akakpo) took a bullet in the back and the other (Obilale) was hit in the kidneys," Dossevi said. "The assailants were hooded and armed to the teeth. We stayed under the seats for 20 minutes. It was horrible." Obilale plays at French fifth division side GSI Pontivy while Akakpo plays with Romanian outfit Vaslui. The other two wounded were the team's goalkeeping coach and doctor.

Tiger Woods’ scandal: What Leaders must do to recover Integrity and Image

As one of the world's most influential athletes, Tiger Woods is a big business that generates more than $100 million a year that gave him a $1 billion net worth. Therefore, he has do something to ensure that this money does not stop rolling in. This very first thing Tiger has to do is to put the rumors of extramarital activity behind him.

Tiger Woods’ drama: Rachel Uchitel denies any relationship with golf star

Rachel Uchitel has told the New York Daily News that she has no relationship with Tiger Woods and that the "girls" quoted in National Enquirer and Star magazine articles are lying. This...

Soccer: Ghana wins Under-20 World Cup for first time, beats Brazil in shootout

Ghana wins Under-20 World Cup for first time, beats Brazil in shootout By Jerome Pugmire (CP) – Special to CAIRO, Egypt — Ghana held on with 10 men to beat Brazil in a penalty shootout to...

Is District 9 movie a fitting metaphor for the ugliness of Nigeria?

Nigeria is a nation whose ugliness is increasingly troubling! Nigeria’s Information Minister, Professor Dora Akunyili has implicitly accepted that there is something wrong with Nigeria’s image. She hardly accepts that there is something wrong with Nigeria. Trivializing her pet project to a matter of perception as she is doing with her usual zeal and outspokenness rather than accepting the obvious is very unhelpful. The poignancy of such artistic endeavors like District 9, which has been described as “a science-fiction morality tale” ought to be seen as an effort not only driven by mercantile interest, but also an effort to employ art to deliver the message to the so-called Nigerian leaders, past and present of the incalculable harm they have done and continue to do their country and its inhabitants. But are they listening? I have doubts.

Rio de Janeiro wins bid for 2016 Olympic Games..

'Hosting the Olympic Games should not be a privilege for rich countries,' Lula said recently in New York. In that sentence, the Brazilian synthesized all his shrewdness, in the effort to help Rio de Janeiro get past Chicago - as well as Madrid and Tokyo - in the race to host the 2016 Olympics. The world's tenth-largest economy, Brazil is not a poor country, although it is inhabited by legions of poor people. But playing the 'third world' card still pays off at an IOC in which anti-US feelings are rife even in the 'Obama era.'

2010 World Cup qualifying’s top players; Ronaldo missing

Current FIFA World Player of the Year, Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo, is not on the list, and Portugal is in grave danger of missing the World Cup. Across the Atlantic, Lionel Messi of Argentina, considered by many to be the best soccer player in the world, also has missed the list, as his side has slipped from contention. Also, it’s no coincidence that all of the players on this list are on successful squads. Cesar’s Brazil, Lampard’s and Rooney’s England, Villa’s and Joan Capdevila’s Spain and Andre Ooijer’s and Joris Mathijsen’s Dutch teams have all already qualified for South Africa. Bocanegra’s U.S. side is currently in first place in the CONCACAF region. Bastian Schweinsteiger’s German team is atop Group Four in Europe, followed closely by Konstantin Zyryanov’s Russian side.

USAfrica’s Founder Chido Nwangwu, Gen. Teidi get honorary Doctorate of Humanities degree

The U.S.-sponsored, leading international christian education college/seminary in Africa and an affiliate of the University of Nigeria (UNN), WATS, during its 20th Anniversary events May 20-23, 2009, in Lagos, awarded two of its first honorary Doctor of Humanities degrees to the Founder of the USAfrica multimedia networks and data mining corporation Chido Nwangwu, and retired Gen. Samuel L. Teidi, member of the Board of Directors of one of Africa's largest corporations, Dangote Flour Mills....

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BrkNEWS: Sacked VP of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa, to be sworn in as President this...

75-years-old former Vice President of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa, will be sworn in as president this Friday November 24, 2017, according to the government-controlled Zimbabwe Broadcasting...

#USAfrica #BrkNews Finally, Zimbabwe’s president MUGABE quits under pressure

#USAfrica #BrkNews Finally, Zimbabwe’s president MUGABE quits under pressure

Teenage bomber kills 50+ at Nigeria mosque; Boko Haram suspected

Teenage bomber kills dozens at Nigeria mosque; Boko Haram suspected. AP -- A teenage suicide bomber attacked worshippers at a mosque in northeastern Nigeria, killing...
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