Awolowo’s STARVATION Policy against Biafrans and the Igbo requires apology not attacks on Achebe

Some have tried to put the blame on Gowon or the military leaders but Chief Awolowo’s own words are clear: “I decided to stop sending the food there.” It was not a military decision by Adekunle or Murtala. This is a decision made by then Finance minister of the federation, Chief Awolowo. He owned that decision in the interview quoted above. Whenever this issue is raised Awoists and the Awolowo family usually drew umbrage, assailing whoever called Awo out on this issue and generally attacking the character of those who dare to confront Awoists on the frailties of their leaders. It is time for Awoist to realize that Chief Awolowo is not infallible. He made some sound decision in governance as well as other horrendous decisions, one of which is this starvation policy. He might have done it to please the northern oligarchy who had promised to install him as president or he might have had a truly altruistic motive; whatever the case this is a sadistic policy that should never have been put in place by any Nigerian leader. The impact of Chief Awolowo's starvation decision on Biafra’s children still reverberates around the world. It was such that over 40 years later, Steve Jobs referenced it in the interview for his 2011 biography written by Walter Isaacson.

SEX TRAFFICKING of Nigerians across west Africa increases, special HRW report

SEX TRAFFICKING of Nigerians across west Africa increases, latest Human Rights Watch report. Special to USAfrica, and CLASSmagazine (Houston) By Chido Nwangwu wt HRW investigations An 18-year-old Nigerian woman said that the woman who trafficked her...

Following May 30 successes, will Biafra agitators compel restructuring Nigeria? By Olu Ojewale

By Olu Ojewale Special to  • @USAfricaLIVE IT was a day that would be remembered for a long time to come. On Tuesday, May 30, the Ndigbo from different walks of life chose to commemorate...


Special to, CLASSmagazine,  and USAfrica multimedia networks, Houston. Follow, Breaking NEWS:  50 NIGERIAN STUDENTS KILLED IN BOMB ATTACK DURING MORNING ASSEMBLY at a secondary school in Potiskum on Monday. Nigeria's federal government has been unable to halt the wanton and...

USAfrica Flashback: Haiti’s Igbo ancestry and recognition of Biafra. By President Francois Duvalier (in... Flashback: Haiti's Igbo ancestry and recognition of Biafra in 1969. The March 22, 1969 statement by  DR. FRANCOIS 'Papa Doc' DUVALIER (April 14, 1907 – April 21, 1971), PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF HAITI (from 1957 to...

How and Why Romney beat Obama in first presidential debate. By Chido Nwangwu

First, Romney needed to be seen as equally presidential. Second, to put President Obama on the defensive. I think that history will record, critically, Obama's less than energetic presence, lack of powerful, concise projection of his record of achievements as well as his failing to adequately draw sharp, distinct contrasts from the Romney-47 percent-tax cut for every ailment Republican agenda altered the trajectory and reset the dynamics of the 2012 elections. But it's not over; there are two more debates and other multimedia platforms to make their different arguments to the economically stressed American voters and citizenry.

To my husband, outstanding father of our children, Dim oma Ojukwu. By Mrs. Bianca...

To my husband and outstanding father of our children, Dim oma Ojukwu By Mrs. Bianca Odumegwu Ojukwu Special to,  the USAfrica-powered e-groups of  Nigeria360, IgboEvents, UNNalumni,  and CLASSmagazine Houston. Follow us at and   How do I sum up 23 years (of marriage) in one page?...

Africa SOCCER clash: Nigeria’s Eagles likely to lose to Ivory Coast, predicts Peters

Africa SOCCER clash prediction: Nigeria's Eagles likely to lose to Ivory Coast. Special to USAfrica multimedia networks, Houston,,  the USAfrica-powered e-groups of  Nigeria360, IgboEvents, UNNalumni,  and CLASSmagazine Houston., n   They might as well have called it (this weekend) the West Africa Cup of Nations and...

#ALUU4: on the students of University of Port Harcourt beaten, set ablaze…. By M.I...

The question is not whether or not the 4 boys stole anything. That is quite besides the point. Let us ask instead: What do I need to ensure my children do not grow up hearing stories like these? What would it cost to make this country and are we willing to pay the price? Because if I were there that day, would I have spoken up and done my best to put a stop to it? Or silently stood by, condemning the actions in my heart, but doing nothing? Would I have been seized by the bloodlust and fear and anger myself, and spurred them on with my shouts, and cries for blood, maybe tossed in a rock or two for good measure.

Video: International forum on ‪ 2015 #‎Nigeria‬ Elections at Texas Southern University’s Martin Luther... An international forum on ‪#‎Nigeria‬ Elections 2015 and its aftermath has been held at the Texas Southern University's Martin Luther King center. The televised broadcast was co-sponsored by the League of Nigerian Professionals, TSU,...
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