#AnambraDebates APC’s Nwoye fails USAfrica fact-check

#AnambraDebates APC’s Nwoye fails USAfrica fact-check During this evening’s Anambra Governorship election debate  (November 12, 2017), USAfrica and USAfricaonline.com Publisher Dr. Chido Nwangwu took fact-checking...

USAfrica: Mrs. Obiano  predicts her husband will win reelection in November  

USAfrica: Mrs. Obiano  predicts her husband will win reelection in November   Special to USAfrica and CLASSmagazine http://usafricaonline.com/2017/10/15/usafrica-mrs-obiano-predicts-husband-will-win-reelection-november/ The wife Governor of Anambra State Osodieme Ebelechukwu V....

USAfrica: Buhari warns Nigerians “to question our collective existence as a nation… is a...

By Nigeria's President MUHAMMADU BUHARI, on August 21, 2017 Special to USAfrica (Houston) • @USAfricaLIVE  •  @Chido247   My dear citizens, I am very grateful to God...

USAfrica: Rwanda’s presidential elections point to another Kagame victory

Special to USAfrica, Houston. AFP Rwandans go the polls Friday in a presidential election in which strongman Paul Kagame is widely expected to cruise to...

Corruption and the acquittal of Nigeria’s Senate president Saraki. By Bayo Oluwasanmi

By Bayo Oluwasanmi Special to USAfricaonline.com   @USAfricaLIVE    The hypocrisy, violence, hatred, and subversion of democracy and justice with our blood letting politics will provide the minefield...

Following May 30 successes, will Biafra agitators compel restructuring Nigeria? By Olu Ojewale

By Olu Ojewale Special to USAfricaonline.com  • @USAfricaLIVE IT was a day that would be remembered for a long time to come. On Tuesday, May 30,...

Trump’s sacking of Comey could rise to obstruction of justice. By Tim Weiner

Special to USAfricaonline.com By Tim Weiner Our commander-in-chief has made a serious miscalculation. He seems to think the U.S. government is like a reality television show...

USAfrica: #Biafra, Buhari and the children of Ojukwu. By Chido Nwangwu

Biafra, Buhari and the children of Ojukwu By CHIDO NWANGWU USAfricaonline.com @Chido247 @USAfricaLIVE Since April 25, 2017, millions of Nigerians, international security and diplomatic monitors of...

Showdown: South Africa President Zuma under pressure as parliament considers ‘no-confidence’ debate

USAfrica News & Insights from South Africa  Zuma is the first president to face a series of motions of no confidence in the National Assembly....

USAfrica: Buhari’s uninspiring administration, long medical leave and politics of 2019. By Chidi Amuta

Special to USAfrica and USAfricaonline.com @USAfricaLIVE   We must quickly draw the line. Between a groundswell of sincere well wishes for a president on medical...
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