Libya’s first free national elections after Ghaddafi bring joy, few violence

  AFP: The vote went ahead despite protesters disrupting some polling in the restive east. In Tripoli, voting began with queues of people keen to elect the General National Congress, which will be at the helm of...

Margery Chuba Okadigbo affirmed by Supreme Court as Senator-elect.

When asked about the challenges and demands of the case, Mrs. Okadigbo told Publisher Chido Nwangwu in May 2012: "I await the ruling of the highest court of the land; and the facts of law, proper process and votes were cast for my candidacy." Her patience and tasking legal battle have paid off; as she awaits the order for her swearing-in.

When will Blacks learn true meaning of U.S Independence Day and politics? By Raynard...

Today, we allow Republicans to ignore us and the Democrats to only give us lip service.  We have become so obsessed with symbolism that no one feels the need to do anything of any substance for our community.

Otedola-Lawan 2nd Bribery tape: messier, more corruption

The controversies, claims and counter-claims over the alleged $3m bribery scandal involving key member of the country's ruling PDP who until a few weeks served as the Chairman of House of Representatives committee on Oil Subsidy Probe, Farouk Lawan, and Femi Otedola who is Chairman of Zenon Oil and Gas and a recipient of the free massive award/allocation of millions of government oil funds entered a murkier, dirtier turn on Tuesday July 3, 2012

Gunmen slash throats of workers near Maiduguri’s central mosque.

Lt. Col. Sagir Musa said on Monday July 2, 2012 that the gunmen slashed the throats of the victims in a late Sunday night attack in the embattled city.

Nigeria Oil bribe tape broadcast on tv channel

In the recording, the voice said to be Otedola's asks how the outstanding bribe money should be delivered as Lawan is unavailable to meet. "Is there anybody you trust I can give it to?" Otedola asks. "It's OK. I will arrange with someone. Let me give you his number," the purported Lawan voice replies.

Egypt’s Morsi starts to govern; conflicts inevitable with Supreme Council of Armed Forces.

USAfrica projects that Morsi and the Egyptian Supreme Council of Armed Forces will have some conflicts over lines of power, military command and direction of the very big African-Arab country.

Sudan police fired tear gas, rubber bullets at peaceful protesters

AFP: Sudanese police fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse hundreds of peaceful protesters on Friday, the 14th day of anti-regime demonstrations sparked by inflation, witnesses said. Protesters had gathered in the capital's Hijra...

Soccer: Arsenal cancels match with Nigerian Eagles; “complexities” in Abuja

Arsenal announced that the proposed game has been called off due to "complexities" associated with organising such a game. Local media reports yesterday speculated that the security concerns in the northern part of the country may...

Zuma: South Africa economy still ‘remains in hands of white males’; needs reforms

Zuma told a key meeting of his ruling African National Congress that a new economic direction was needed 18 years into after the end of apartheid. "The structure of the apartheid economy has remained largely intact and has not included higher or inclusive growth," Zuma told thousands of ANC delegates in his opening address at a four-day policy conference. "The ownership of the economy is still primarily in the hands of white males as it had always been," he added.
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