Nigeria, U.S. and Mutallab terrorism issues: Voice of America’s interview of USAfrica’s Chido Nwangwu.

“Egypt holds a significant number of radical Islamic zealots. (Ayman) Al-Zawahiri, one of the twin leaders of al-Qaida, is an Egyptian. There are radical elements in Egypt. They were not listed. So the Obama administration needs to look a little further. I know they are being sensitive to the fact that the young man was in a transition movement,” he explained. To counter tighter restrictions, Nwangwu points out that what he calls “evil geniuses” will continue to devise creative, innovative ways to get around the regulations. The Houston journalist says he supports international efforts to plug the loopholes. But also recalling that the September, 2001 attacks all originated within the United States, he contends that there is no substitute for stepped-up vigilance on all possible front.

Obama deploys 30,000 soldiers; gets “war president” rebuke from his ally Michael Moore

Obama gets "war president" rebuke from his ally Michael Moore in an open letter Dear President Obama, Do you really want to be the new "war president"?  (On December 1, 2009) at West Point (military...

Nigerian soccer star sentenced to 40 lashes in Sudan

Khartoum - A Nigerian football star on Thursday said he had been sentenced to 40 lashes in Sudan after being wrongly convicted of drunk driving in Khartoum. Stephen Worgu, who signed a reported multi-million-dollar contact...

World Cup Soccer hoopla: S Africa says no emergency to move games

World Cup hoopla: South Africa says no emergency to move games Special to There was never an emergency plan to move the 2010 World Cup soccer tournament if South Africa was not ready, chief...

Why I’m seeking Lowell’s council seat: Ben Opara

Why I'm seeking Lowell's council seat: Ben Opara campaigns in Massachussetts and CLASSmagazine's Publisher Chido Nwangwu  interviewed Benjamin Tyndale Opara, an aspirant in 2009 for a seat in the Lowell City Council in Massachussetts....

Guinea soldiers raping women go viral via cell phones

But what is new is that in Guinea, where cell phones are rapidly outnumbering land line phones, the protesters-turned-victims sent out cell phone photos of rapes in progress by uniformed soldiers. The atrocities were broadcast around Guinea, and then around the world—possibly before the violence even ended.

USAfrica: Why Nigerian and Africa’s leaders are leading them nowhere. By Prof. Herbert Ekwe-Ekwe

In an interview with the Financial Times (London), Nigeria's leader retired Gen. Obasanjo could not but admit: "In three years I went round the world and did not get anything... I went round the countries in Europe, twice over, I went to Japan, to America, to Canada and got good words... but no action at all." Yet, if Obasanjo continues his current rate of travel overseas in the remaining 12 months of his presidency, he will make a further 30 trips with the whooping cost of US$6 million to Nigeria's forlorn economy.

USAfrica’s Founder Chido Nwangwu, Gen. Teidi get honorary Doctorate of Humanities degree

The U.S.-sponsored, leading international christian education college/seminary in Africa and an affiliate of the University of Nigeria (UNN), WATS, during its 20th Anniversary events May 20-23, 2009, in Lagos, awarded two of its first honorary Doctor of Humanities degrees to the Founder of the USAfrica multimedia networks and data mining corporation Chido Nwangwu, and retired Gen. Samuel L. Teidi, member of the Board of Directors of one of Africa's largest corporations, Dangote Flour Mills....
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