Realities of Nigeria’s diminishing relevance to U.S., Africa. By Princeton Lyman

Nigeria is today NOT making a major impact, on its region, or on the African Union or on the big problems of Africa that it was making before. Now, of course, on the negative side, the collapse of Nigeria would be enormous, but is that a point to make Nigeria strategically important?... But I wonder if all this emphasis on Nigeria's importance creates a tendency to inflate Nigeria's opinion of its own invulnerability. Among much of the elite today, I have the feeling that there is a belief that Nigeria is too big to fail, too important to be ignored, and that Nigerians can go on ignoring some of the most fundamental challenges they have - many of which we have talked about: disgraceful lack of infrastructure, the growing problems of unemployment, the failure to deal with the underlying problems in the Niger Delta, the failure to consolidate democracy - and somehow will remain important to everybody because of all those reasons that are strategically important.

USAfrica: Devaluation of Nigeria’s Naira begins, informally; projected $1 to N600

By Ulf Laessing and Chijioke Ohuocha Abuja, Feb 20, 2017; Reuters: Nigeria effectively devalued the naira for private individuals on Monday, paving the way for a possible broader move despite stiff resistance from President Muhammadu...

USAfrica: Buhari’s uninspiring administration, long medical leave and politics of 2019. By Chidi Amuta

Special to USAfrica and @USAfricaLIVE   We must quickly draw the line. Between a groundswell of sincere well wishes for a president on medical leave and exporting our penchant for silly opportunistic sycophancy to...

Nigerian COCAINE dealer, Adegboyega Adeniji, jailed for 30 years

Nigerian Cocaine dealer, Adegboyega Adeniji, jailed for 30 years; his bank accounts and assets in millions frozen. Special to,  the USAfrica-powered e-groups of  Nigeria360, IgboEvents, UNNalumni,  and CLASSmagazine Houston. Follow us at and   A man who is believed to be responsible for smuggling hundreds...

Obamas sign multimillion book deal

Special to USAfrica (Houston). @USAfricaLive New York; AFP: Barack and Michelle Obama have signed a deal to publish their memoirs with New York-based Penguin Random House, in a coveted contract reportedly worth tens of millions...

As Obama heads to Kenya, he fulfills desire to visit the land of his...

As Obama heads to Kenya, he fulfills desire to visit the land of his father as U.S President By Dr. DUNCAN OMANGA Special to,  and USAfrica multimedia networks, Houston. Follow USAfrica at , and  There is a palpable yet understandable...

Abuja bombing, our diaspora and ways to handle the crisis in Nigeria.

No reasonable man or woman can justify his or her reasons for killing fellow citizens in the name of a cause which is being remedied -- in this case, the Niger Delta issues being aggressively pursued by their radical group MEND. The MEND claimed responsibility for the bombings. But I must state that the continued killing of innocent citizens of Nigeria will not solve the Niger Delta issues or any other problem rather it will perpetuate the problem and continue tarnishing our nation’s image worldwide. For some group of Nigerians to continue carrying out bombing campaigns in the name of the Niger Delta (where our President Goodluck Jonathan also hails from) is backward and retrogresses the core interests of the Niger Delta.

Is Libya’s leader Khadafi romantically involved with his blond, sexy Ukrainian nurse? as WikiLeaks...

Is Libya's leader Khadafi romantically involved with his blond, sexy Ukrainian nurse? as WikiLeaks spill secret U.S cables. Special to Veteran Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi fears flying over water, prefers staying on the ground floor...

Hillary Clinton in Africa on six-nation tour, including South Sudan, Senegal, South Africa

• For seasoned insights and breaking news on these issues, log on to and USAfrica powered e-groups including Nigeria360 at yahoogroups and USAfrica at googlegroups. By Nicolas Revise (AFP): WASHINGTON DC— US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton set off Tuesday...

#WarCriminal #Sudan president #al-Bashir barred from leaving South Africa pending court’s decision

#WarCriminal #Sudan president #al-Bashir barred from leaving South Africa pending court's decision   Special to,  and USAfrica multimedia networks, Houston. Follow USAfrica at , and A South African court issued an interim order on Sunday (June 14, 2015, as he is...
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