Taiye Selasi’s ‘Ghana Must Go’ novel raises vital diaspora life issues. USAfricaBOOKS review by...

Taiye Selasi's GHANA MUST GO novel raises vital diaspora life issues   USAfricaBOOKS review by Nneka Ezenwa Chiazor @Twitter.com/Chido247, Facebook.com/USAfricaChido n Facebook.com/USAfrica247 USAfrica, June 4, 2013: Ghana Must Go by Taiye Selasi presents a vivid and engaging story of a modern day...

CLASSmagazine: Ogor Okoye on her new book, spiritual journey, success and love

CLASSmagazine and USAfricaBOOKS Series on new Writers and Artistes • www.USAfricaonline.com "My book is about a spiritual journey towards true and enduring peace, happiness and success." Exclusive Profile Q&A with Attorney OGOR WINNIE OKOYE • Follow USAfrica at Facebook.com/USAfricaChido, Twitter.com/Chido247 n Facebook.com/USAfrica247 Chido/USAfrica/CLASSmagazine: Congratulations...

CLASSmagazine: QueenKay Anadu-Amamgbo on new book, remarrying and moving on

        CLASSmagazine and USAfricaBOOKS Series on new Writers and Artistes • www.USAfricaonline.com QUEENKAY: MY WORLD. QueenKay Anadu-Amamgbo on new book, love and moving forward. Interview by Dr. Chido Nwangwu, Founder & Publisher, USAfrica & CLASSmagazine, Houston: Congratulations on your first...

USAfricaBooks: AdaOkere Agbasimalo on her novel The Forest Dames and agenda for 2013

I think Women writers (WRITA), and women in the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) and others are not doing badly in this regard. If practical steps are not taken to remove cultural, social, political, religious and economic obstacles in the path of women, there can be no actualisation of their role in national development. By that I mean that the role of women cannot be achieved in “chains”. Their role starts to manifest in their homes where they are pillars of support and nurture cradle of the products of reproduction.

USAfricaBooks Profile: Chike Momah on his novels, tips on longevity, Chinua Achebe

USAfricaBOOKS Profile/Review/Q&A: CHIKE MOMAH, former diplomat and author of 6 novels. Special to USAfricaonline.com,  the USAfrica-powered e-groups of  Nigeria360, IgboEvents, UNNalumni,  and CLASSmagazine Houston. Follow us at Facebook.com/USAfricaChido and Twitter.com/Chido247  His latest novel is  'The Jericho Wall' (xlibris 2011; released in 2012). He speaks about   his novels,...

USAfricaBooks: Dr. Ngozi Achebe on mixing medicine and writing

My mentors are Flora Nwapa, my Uncle Chinua and all those others that came before me. One of my favorite books is one I read recently 'I do Not Come to You by Chance' by Tricia Adaobi Nwaubani.

Bush into Obama era and critical issues in Walter Brasch’s new book

Relevance of George W. Bush into the Obama era and other critical issues in Walter Brasch's new book Special to USAfricaBOOKS Review, USAfricaonline.com, USAfrica The Newspaper, Houston,  CLASSmagazine and  The Black Business Journal With wit and wisdom in his...
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