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Another Nigerian local government official killed….

Another Nigerian local government official killed….

Another Nigerian local government official killed….

Another Nigerian government official killed….

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The Nigerian police commissioner in charge of Bauchi State Danlami Yar’Adua has said today Saturday, October 23, 2010 that 2 gunmen (believed to be members of the radical, al-Qaeda leaning Muslim sect in Nigeria known as Boko Haram) have killed a local government official Mallam Tukur. Tukur was murdered last night (Friday). At the time of this report, the police in Bauchi had made no arrests.

Search for recent and previous reports of high profile killings and riots caused by the militants of Boko Haram which have killed more than 68o Nigerians in the northern region of Nigeria.

Members of the militants of Boko Haram sect are very opposed to Western/European/American education and values.

Nigeria has faced rounds of violent acts in the past 5 months, especially the explosions in Nigeria’s capital Abuja on October 1, 2010, which the Niger Delta coalition MEND claimed responsibility. The events were reported here at
Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan absolved MEND of the crime, a few hours after the attacks; a move he has been criticized for as hasty where calm  judgement and prior investigations were required.


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