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Africa’s new sets of complex challenges dissected at Achebe 2012 Colloquium

In effect, governments like Egypt, Libya and Tunisia, to name a few, are faced with the daunting task of securing a democratic state, foreign to their current political DNA developed from decades of dictatorship. The Central and Eastern regions are undergoing an incredible time of turmoil and instability; to add, South Sudan, as recent as July 9th 2011, celebrated its new national identity and independence from Sudan. West Africa is yet to find an answer to the evolving proliferation and sophistication of terrorism. Africa’s Southern Region still wrestles with matters of race, politics, economic problems, AIDS, housing scarcity and peace building.

Hemlock. A poem by Victor Onyiliagha

 HEMLOCK  By Victor Onyiliagha Special to, CLASSmagazine,, PhotoWorks.TV  and USAfricaTV Ground nut pyramids formed the skyline of our second exodus.1 At the confluence our passover was on dryland to the rubicone of the rainforest To keep...

CLASSmagazine: QueenKay Anadu-Amamgbo on new book, remarrying and moving on

        CLASSmagazine and USAfricaBOOKS Series on new Writers and Artistes • QUEENKAY: MY WORLD. QueenKay Anadu-Amamgbo on new book, love and moving forward. Interview by Dr. Chido...

Fugitive Nigerian-American Jessica Tata, 22, turns self in; arrested and enroute back to Houston By Chido Nwangwu

Fugitive Nigerian-American Jessica Tata turns self in; arrested and enroute back to Houston By Chido Nwangwu USAfrica Newsroom, March 19, 2011, Houston: USAfrica can confirm that...

“Why we’re hosting 2011 FESTAC-USA in Houston on Feb 18” – Florence Mkparu

"Why we're hosting the 2011 FESTAC-USA in Houston on Feb 18" - Florence Mkparu and the team This feature will appear in the February 2011...

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