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Nigeria, U.S. and Mutallab terrorism issues: Voice of America’s interview of USAfrica’s Chido Nwangwu.

“Egypt holds a significant number of radical Islamic zealots. (Ayman) Al-Zawahiri, one of the twin leaders of al-Qaida, is an Egyptian. There are radical elements in Egypt. They were not listed. So the Obama administration needs to look a little further. I know they are being sensitive to the fact that the young man was in a transition movement,” he explained. To counter tighter restrictions, Nwangwu points out that what he calls “evil geniuses” will continue to devise creative, innovative ways to get around the regulations. The Houston journalist says he supports international efforts to plug the loopholes. But also recalling that the September, 2001 attacks all originated within the United States, he contends that there is no substitute for stepped-up vigilance on all possible front.

George Onuorah, Willie Dixon, others get honors from New York’s ‘You Can Go To College Committee’

YCGTC sponsors annual Black Historical College bus tour, PSAT and SAT preparation courses, parent financial program internships, scholarships and financial assistance program. The organization has enrolled more than 3000 students in colleges and universities and more than 1000 graduates all across the U.S.

LIVE on New York’s WWRL, USAfrica’s Chido Nwangwu is guest of CNN & NY DailyNews contributor Errol Louis.

MEDIA NOTES:  LIVE on New York's WWRL news/issues show from 6.32am EST on Tues January 5, 2010, USAfrica's CHIDO Nwangwu is the guest of CNN & NY...

Why U.S added Nigeria, Nigerians to enhanced terrorism risk list

A U.S national security official in Washington DC informed USAfrica's Publisher Chido Nwangwu that "the U.S is not engaging in a random decision. This is a clear, urgent response to the realities of the relationships the young Nigerian man Mutallab had with al Qaeda operatives in Yemen, and possibly elsewhere...."

Obama confirms Mutallab trained by al Qaeda; Republicans attack Obama for “slow response” research shows the network of radical Islam fighting under the recent, general banner of alQaeda have executed attacks, successfully across parts of Africa in 1998, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2007, 2008 and 2009. Obama also noted that the Yemen-area group has been more problem for the U.S.

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