Tunisia ranked first in North Africa on good governance



Tunisia ranked first in North Africa on good governance

Following the latest World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report where Tunisia was ranked first in Africa and in the Maghreb, Tunisia is ranked first in North Africa, in the annual report on good governance recently published by the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

The report credits Tunisia with an overall score of 71.5 points out of 100. Tunisia ranked first in North Africa in a report on good governance Tunisia is credited with excellent scores on the strength of its performance in terms of “human development,” “transparency and rule of law” and the “climate of security”, with scores of 89, 70.5 and 100 points respectively. Tunisia comes ahead of Algeria (7th), Morocco (12th), Egypt (18th) and Libya (21st).

The third annual report published by the Kennedy School of Governance which is part of Harvard’s school of political sciences, focuses this year on “Strengthening Governance in Africa”. The rankings were established on the basis of 57 indexes of good governance centred on such determinants as security, transparency, rule of law, participation and human rights, economic stability and human development. The report stresses the correlation between good governance, on the one hand, and development and security of each country, on the other. It also points out, that the “best governed African countries are those which are well led, provide their citizens with the best services, hold free and fair elections and are the least corrupt.”

The Report, which includes for the first time North African countries, was presented on Thursday in Washington DC, at a conference held at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Tunisiaonline report