Election: Mozambique Prez Guebuza returns wt a landslide….




Election: Mozambique Prez Guebuza returns wt a landslide….

Special to and The Black Business Journal, Houston

The southern African country of Mozambique has voted, according to early reports that its 66 years old wealthy President Armando Guebuza of the progressive FRELIMO Party is set for a whopping landslide.

Similarly, the party machine is ensuring more legislative seats in the country of 20 million people.  Mozambique achieved independence in 1975 and was the battle-ground for super-power rivalries between the then Soviet Union and the U.S/West  European countries.

The country was devastated for decades by civil wars. It has been rebuilding and moved away from statist-socialist economic models for more free market forces and democratization.

By Chido Nwangwu, NewsWire

#BreakingNews and special reports unit of USAfrica multimedia networks, and USAfricaTV

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  1. This picture is not of Guebuza. The man above is Afonso Dlhakama, the leader of the main opposite party, RENAMO.


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