Alicia Keys to sponsor 5 fans to Africa in 2010



Alicia Keys launches contest to sponsor 5 fans to Africa in 2010


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One of the leading hip-hop-soul superstars and Grammy-winning singer, Alicia Keys, has announced she is launching a contest through her charity, Keep A Child Alive, offering 5 persons an opportunity to visit the African continent with her. The 5 winners will have a chance to travel through Africa in 2010.

She makes the case for an Africa trip as so compelling that “Some will probably not want to come back, some will totally want to stay so that they can be a part of just all this beauty that we’re spreading and light that we’re spreading. And some will come back and say, ‘I’ll never turn my back,’ which is what happened to me…”

She said her first trip to Africa as a 19-year old was emotional and enriching. The now 28-year-old star said her initial trip to Africa “totally changed my life…Going to Africa was unbelievable for me.”

To enter the opportunity for a trip to Africa with her, all entries are entered through her website or by sending a text through the info provided on the site. The text will attract $5. It will go to her foundation, Keep A Child Alive.

Alicia, born January 25, 1981,  is also appreciated by former South African President, Nelson Mandela and millions of African youth and contemporary music lovers. Her first and highly regarded album ‘Songs in a Minor’ which was released in June 2001 sold a massively impressive 12.3million copies; and almost one quarter of a million copies in one week. Alicia is an all-rounder, a versatile multi-instrumentalist, composer, poet and style pace-setter.

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