MICHAEL Jackson’s mother sues promoter over son’s death, fraud….








MICHAEL Jackson's mother sues promoter over son's death, fraud....
Michael Jackson performs at DNCs "A Night at the Apollo" in New York, 2002

MICHAEL Jackson’s mother is suing the promoter of what was intended to be the pop star’s comeback concerts, claiming fraud.

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The complaint accuses AEG Live of failing to honour its agreement to provide lifesaving equipment to the doctor charged over the singer’s death.

The suit says AEG Live was liable for the actions of the doctor, Conrad Murray, who has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter over Jackson’s death at age 50.

Police say Dr Murray gave Jackson an overdose of the anaesthetic propofol.

AEG spokesman Michael Roth said the company had no immediate comment.

Dr Murray was acting as Jackson’s personal physician and was to be paid by AEG during preparation for the concerts. But the singer died before signing the agreement. As a result, AEG claims the agreement was not binding.

Katherine Jackson, who is the guardian of the singer’s three children, is also suing the company on their behalf. The lawsuit seeks damages, but no amount is specified.

The Jackson comeback concerts in London sold out in anticipation of his return as the King of Pop.

Despite years of exile, Jackson retained a huge loyal following of fans keen to see him reclaim the glory he attained with albums such as Thriller and songs like Beat It! and Billie Jean. AP

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