Again, radical Islamists attack and burn police station in Nigeria

Again, radical Islamists attack and burn police station in Nigeria

Radical Islamists attack and burn  police station in Nigeria

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(AFP) – Suspected Islamists have attacked and torched a police station in northern Nigeria, police said a few hours ago today Tuesday, the latest incident raising concern over a sect that launched an uprising last year.
“There was an overnight attack on Gamboru police station by unknown gunmen which resulted in the burning down of the police station,” a senior police officer said on condition of anonymity.
The station is in Maiduguri, the city at the centre of the uprising last year, when it had already been partially burned. The source later specified that the attack occurred just before 9:00 pm (2000 GMT) on Monday.
“Two policemen have been injured in the shootout and are receiving treatment in hospital. The whereabouts of two others are still unknown.”
The source added that “they used homemade grenades to burn down the police station” and that the Islamist sect, known as Boko Haram, was suspected.
National police spokesman Emmanuel Ojukwu said he had been told of the attack and that explosives had been used.
Asked whether the Islamist sect was involved, he said, “that is suspected, but we are not limiting it to them.”
He could not confirm the injuries, saying he was still gathering information on the incident.
The attack comes after a series of shootings by motorcycle-riding gunmen in northern Nigeria blamed on Boko Haram. Police and other prominent community members have been among the victims.
On Saturday, suspected sect members shot dead an outspoken cleric in the heart of Maiduguri along with one of his students.
The well-known Wahabi cleric ran a weekly Islamic programme on Borno state-run radio in which he criticised Boko Haram’s extremism.
Suspected sect members also attacked a prison last month, freeing more than 700 inmates. Around 100 alleged Boko Haram members were among those who escaped.
Last year’s Boko Haram uprising began with attacks on police posts and ended with a brutal assault by authorities that left hundreds dead and the sect’s mosque and headquarters in ruins.
The sect had fought for the creation of an Islamic state in Nigeria, whose 150 million population is divided roughly in half between Christians and Muslims.
The country’s north is mainly Muslim, while the south is predominately Christian.
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