Killing of Houston cab driver Nigerian Uzoma Nwokenaka, 2 African-American suspects CONFESS n charged….






Killing of Houston cab driver Uzoma Nwokenaka, 2 African-American suspects CONFESS n charged….Special to

Two young African-American suspects, Danielle Hudson and Chaz Blackshear,  accused of killing two Houston cab drivers including Uzoma Blaise Nwokenaka appeared a few hours ago before a Houston (Harris County, Texas) judge on Sunday morning October 17, 2010.

The Houston Police and crime investigators have said the two apparently 20-something years old man and woman confessed to the crime of murdering 32-year-old Mohammad El Sayed and 50-year-old Uzoma Blaise Nwokenaka

50-years old Nigerian-born taxi driver Uzoma Blaize NWOKENAKA shot n killed inside his cab in west Houston, Texas, several hours ago. USAfrica Publisher called his traumatized older brother Cornelius Nwokenaka who is making efforts to arrange a dignified transition for Uzoma.

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  1. Enough of this killings of Nigerian citizens in USA. The American Government must fish the criminals that commited this killing and they should pay for it. Joseph

  2. This is very tragic. What is the motive behind such a senseless, heinous crime?



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