In tough economy, do what you love, money will follow. By Mona Sarin



In tough economy, do what you love and the money will follow.

By Mona Sarin, contributing correspondent and columnist for USAfrica, CLASSmagazine and since 1998 based in Georgia, USA.
USAfrica, November 1, 2010: Just a day before the mid-term elections and at the back of the mind of most voters is the question: Just how much trouble are we (Americans) really in when it comes to economic situation of our country? Who gets the blame, if anyone?
More important: What can we do to help ourselves?  When President Barack Obama took office two years, he inherited the problems of the country especially those from the actions of the presidency of his predecessor George W. Bush: Health Care problems, lack of proper oversight on Wall Street, real estate deals, military conflicts, immigration problems, border control and all the other woes.
Jobs taken overseas have hit the U.S. hard.  Companies in the U.S. that hire illegals have hit us hard. Our education system is flooded with those that have no legal right here and we are forced to accommodate them because they refuse to learn the language.
I am not saying that people are not welcome but it is how you come. Many say they are here on a school visas; however, they are not in school.
If you go to court, there must be an interpreter because some say they do not understand until the judge mentions jail time. All of a sudden, English comes back to time quickly. So much is happening behind the scenes that we will never know. We are on overload. There has been a storm brewing in the United States for years. Now the chickens have come home to roost and everyone is scrambling for cover.
Therefore, what can we do to help ourselves until we can see the break of day?  We have to buckle down and accept it for what it is. I know jobs are hard. Do not feel alone. I urge all of us to hang in there, it does get better.
There are so many things we can do to help ourselves through this discouraging time. It takes understanding that we cannot spend as we used to. Stop eating out as much. Lord knows Americans keep fast food places in business. I know at times we are tired and it is easier to grab a bag to go. This is not only hurting our wallets but our health is being affected as well.
Cooking at home is easy and has become popular. All the cooking shows that are on television from all over the world. It is so sexy to see a man in the kitchen just cooking his heart out. Go to the grocery store, the international markets, and your local farmers. Learn about different vegetables.
Make friends with people from other places to see how they spice it up in the kitchen. You do not have to spend hours at the stove if you do not want to. You can steam your chicken, fish, vegetables and it is no mess.
On the weekend, cook enough to last for the week. Salads are cheap and good for you. The money that you will save will amaze you. Stop giving all these not so healthy or clean places your money day in and day out.
Bring your lunch to work. Let your coworkers know that you know how to turn it up a notch.  Clothes are another thing. You can look very nice shopping at outlets. Sales are in the Sunday paper all the time. Keep what you have clean and learn to mix and match your wardrobe. Look at fashion magazines and make it your own style. Keep a business suit and proper shoes in your closet for job.
Now may be a good time to go back to school and if you have never been it is never too late to start. Perhaps you can start your own business. Think of something that you have always wanted to do and try it.
We all have hidden talents and desires. Do what you love and the money will follow. Look as if you can only go up in life, especially if you are already down. Put yourself out there and allow yourself to fly high like never before. It is intimidating but, nothing ventured nothing gained.  Have meetings at different homes from time to time in order to encourage each other. Networking is good because you never know who is out there if you do not mix and mingle. Having a solid support system is vital when your back is against the wall. Get to know who’s who in the community and brainstorm.
Go to your council meetings and get involved. Get to know your congressional representatives. You must show up and let them see your face. They work for you so find out exactly what is going on in your city. Take advantage of grants and whatever else they have to offer. You must let them know that you are here and that you do care. Ask them how you can make it better and if they can help you.
Get your resume updated and if you do not know how, have someone help you with it. Keep a copy in your car just in case you need it. Do not let them step away from you and if they do, that’s when you step closer. We all have to push until we cannot push anymore. Get frustrated, cry, scream, do whatever but come out fighting because you are worth it. When one door closes, another one opens.
We all must pull together. Families have to be patient and buckle down. I mean from children to spouses. Nobody needs to be put down or reminded of what they do not have. If you love someone then you both have to dig in as a unit.
This is not the time for blame. Everyone loves you when you are up. I suppose we will all see just how many stick around when you are truly down. If you have your health and your family, friends are healthy then you are extremely blessed. Hold on and keep moving on. Keep your head up and believe in yourself. Go for yours.
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