USAfrica: Looting of Nigeria, Babangida Presidency or Nigeria dies in 2011. By Naiwu Osahon



Investigating the Looting of Nigeria, the Babangida Presidency or Nigeria dies in 2011

By Naiwu Osahon
(This is his second commentary for Houston-based USAfrica and
His first was  in 1995 in USAfrica The Newspaper).
Special to, and CLASS magazine and  The Black Business Journal Houston
The Arab world desperately wants Nigeria dead or under their firm control.  In June 2010, Gadhafi announced in Libya that Nigeria should split into several countries or at least on religious basis of Islam versus Christians or North versus South.  If this failed, the Arabs want a Somali or Sudan situation in Nigeria, preferring the Somali scenario if they cannot control Nigeria because as they claim, Nigeria is too large.  What they mean by too large is that Nigerian influence in Africa is creating a clog in their efforts at Arabizing all of Africa.
The arrow head of the Arab world’s Arabization policy in Africa is Gadhafi who after forcibly annexing the Auzon Strip from Chad, sponsored destabilization in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Mali, Cote d’ Ivoire, Niger, etc in pursuance of the Arabization of Africa policy, laced with inordinate imperial personal ambition.  In 1998, his strategy got a fillip with the founding of his community of Sahel-Savannah States (CEN – SAD) which he was hoping to use to control the envisaged African Union (AU.)  The CEN – SAD, at the moment, ropes in 25 African states from West, East, and Central Africa, and includes Senegal, Cote d’Ivore, Chad, Sudan, Somalia, Comoro Islands etc.  Most of these unsuspecting African countries were stable until they joined CEN – SAD.
Nigeria refused to join CEN-SAD so the Arabs used jihadist President Babangida to smuggle Nigeria into the full membership of the Organization of Islamic countries (OIC).  Nigeria is not an Islamic country, if anything she is circular by her constitutional provisions but Nigeria remains a member of the OIC even now and becomes active in it when a Northern President is in power.
On  May 9, 1997, in flagrant defiance of a UN embargo on flights in and out of Libya, Col. Gadhafi invaded Nigeria with his planes carrying 1,000 members of his rag-tag army, plus 500 journalists. They strategically occupied the Kano airport and his other reception facilities, with the connivance of his Nigerian Muslim dictator host. The purpose was to launch a jihad in supposedly religiously secular Nigeria, or at least precipitate a serious schism between the predominantly Moslem north of the country and the Christian and animist south. Nigeria proved too sophisticated to be so cheaply destabilized so Gadhafi settled for an accommodation to come to the aid of Abacha who was ready to plunge Nigeria into chaos at the time to become President for life in the mould of President Nassir of Egypt.  The deal was finally sealed during Abacha’s overnight strategizing meeting with Gadhafi in Chad just before Abacha died mysteriously in office frolicking with Arab prostitutes.
With Nigeria returning to the semblance of civilian leadership in 1999, the Arab world decided to use ‘Sharia’ to dismember Nigeria.  Pakistan, Libya and Saudi Arabia, to name a few countries, pumped substantial funds into Zamfara, the first of Nigeria’s Sharia states, to start the process of Islamizing, (or at least to trigger mayhem and civil war) in Nigeria as in the Sudan.   There have been a series of skirmishes since then in the guise of Islamic fundamentalists such as the Boko Haram gangs or imported jihadists from the neighbouring countries of Niger and Chad, sacking whole Nigerian villages at night or burning down police stations and killing law enforcement officers in broad day light.
By the time Iran was ready, after some quick negotiations, to smuggle 13 container loads of war arsenals into Nigeria, including rockets and rocket launchers, Nigeria’s sick President Yar’Adua was already brain dead in a Saudi hospital as guest of the Saudi monarch.  Saudi Arabia connived with the family of Yar’dua and the leadership of the Nigerian army at the time, a General of Northern Nigerian stock, to smuggle Yar’Adua back into Nigeria like a thief in the night.  The Nigerian security system was severely breached and troops were moved from the North to secure strategic locations at the nation’s capital Abuja, including the seat of power, for the clandestine incidence.  In the morning, they ransacked the Acting President’s office to intimidate him and tried to stage a coup by laying in wait for the Acting President, Goodluck Jonathan, to occupy the President’s seat so as to be arrested by them for usurping the seat of the President who had returned in the night to the country.  The Iranian cargo of death was already on its way to Nigeria and would have come in handy at the time but for the patience and security astuteness of the Acting President Jonathan.
Yar’Adua’s body finally gave way in May 2010 so the wife could no longer continue her puppet master public display of padding and propping-up the dummy president to the applause of some two-for-a-kobo prostitute religious leaders.  President Jonathan sacked ministers supporting Yar’Adua’s wife’s intrigues in government and that led to the immediate exposure and detention of the arms cache at the Apapa ports in June 2010.  The head of Customs was Yar’Adua’s wife’s family member so proper documentation procedure was breached as there was no form ‘M’ and other compulsory documents required for all importations. The grossly improper and inadequate shipment document used for the deadly cargo, with the cooperation of the Iranian Embassy in Nigeria to facilitate quick diplomatic clearance, claimed that the cargo contained building materials.
An Iranian, Sheikh Ali Abbas Othman Hassan, with home in Abuja, and appearing to use his cleric suit as cover for terrorist activities in Nigeria, has been fingered and detained as a principal suspect for the importation of the cargo of death.  Two other Iranian fronts behind the importation, Mr. Azini Agajany and Mr. Sayeed Akbar Tahmaesebi, are at the time of this report hiding in the Iranian embassy in Lagos.  For damage control measures and to distract the Nigerian Security Agencies, Iran’s Secret Agency hoax-leaked to Israeli Security that the arms were heading for Gaza.  Israel bought the idea due to her morbid fear of Iran, and inspired the insinuation in the Nigerian Security circles, that the cargo could be en-route to Israel.  That is because Israel was unaware of the Arab world’s diabolical designs for and track record in Nigeria and Africa. Nigeria is not so close an ally of Israel that Israel would turn a blind eye to the shipment of huge illegal arms from Nigeria that does not produce arms.  The consignment was being cleared here and illegally too, to use it to facilitate a jihad in Africa’s most populous and influential country, Nigeria, and Iran’s government is culpable.
Due to security scare, President Jonathan could not fly out as scheduled, to attend the UN General Assembly meeting in late September, 2010, until he reshuffled the military hierarchy and accepted or sacked his security adviser, Gen. Gusau, an IBB nurtured errand boy, standing as proxy candidate for the do-or-Nigeria die IBB presidency in 2011.
Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, (IBB), the jihadists former dictator-President of Nigeria and his cohorts have vowed to prevent Goodluck Jonathan from completing the two terms he won with his leader, President Yar’Adua (USAfrica, factually, notes that Yar’Adua and Jonathan won only one term in 2007), on the pretense of defending rotational Presidency that re-cycles rogues and largely illiterate leaders bereft of leadership ideas.
The rogues recruited AIT, a popular Television station strapped desperately for funds, to fight their cause for them.  There is the allegation that the Abuja bomb blast on the 50th anniversary of Nigeria’s independence was an attempt to make Nigeria look insecure and a failed state in the eyes of the rest of the world.
The truth, however, is that the North has never given Nigeria good leaders. The North has always foisted on Nigeria bad leaders who are either stealing Nigeria dry in office or too sick to govern.   After fifty years of failed leadership produced mainly by the North: Gowon, Shagari, Buhari, Babangida, Abacha, Atiku, Yar’Adua, Nigeria urgently needs a breather from the crooked, dim and spent mob that over the period, collectively and systematically brought Nigeria down to her knees, destroyed our hopes, and turned our prospects as a people into painful despair.
I do not think the North is short of quality materials.  After all, while the South gave us Awo and Zik, the North produced leaders in the mold of the Sarduana and Murtala Muhammad.  So why are characters like Babangida, Buhari, Atiku still fronting for the North now that Nigeria has reached the edge of the grave the Northern leaders dug for her?  Does the North so desperately want Nigeria to die?
All that Babangida has to show for his over eight years in power in Nigeria, is private colossal wealth, and the edification of corruption in our body politics. The book, The Sink, by Jeffrey Robinson, an American writer, says it all about Babangida. “Of the $120 billion siphoned out of the Nigerian treasury into offshore accounts by dishonest politicians, $20 billion is allegedly traceable to IBB directly as president from 1985 to 1993.” The Wolfsberg Principles, an initiative of 11 banks and institutions across the world to fight serious international financial crimes, traced another $3 billion of our stolen money to Babangida’s accounts abroad, and $4.3 billion to Abacha’s.  The World Bank and other international sources of information allege that his total loot from the Nigerian treasury is over $35 billion.  Now he is threatening to use a fraction of that money to return to power and a figure of N400 billion has been mentioned by his cronies as his campaign chest.
The Gulf war oil windfall is Babangida’s often-referenced loot.  Abacha set up a panel headed by the highly respected economist, Pius Okigbo, in October, 1994, to reorganize the CBN.  Okigbo’s panel discovered that $12.2 billion of the $12.4 billion accruable from the Gulf War excess crude oil sales was frittered away or unaccounted for, through nebulous or phantom projects that could not be traced. Only $206 million was left in the account.
According to Okigbo, “disbursements were clandestinely undertaken while the country was openly reeling with crushing external debt overhead. These represent, no matter the initial justification for creating the account, a gross abuse of public trust. ”
John Fashanu, in a private investigation published in African Confidential early in Obasanjo’s current regime, discovered an alleged $6 billion debt buy-back scam by IBB between 1988 and 1993.  Another $14.4 billion disappeared into off shore accounts as currency stabilization and debt buy-back scheme that actually cost $2.5 billion.  One of the front-companies used, Growth Management, based in London, bought the debt for 10 cents per dollar and resold to the government at 45 cents to steal 35 cents per dollar.  Fashanu was trying to recover about $17 billion for the Nigerian government only for the CBN to say they had no records of the deals.  The records are out there abroad but cleaned out at home to conceal the (theft) deals.
Babangida was ruthless in the way he amassed his colossal wealth.  First is the illegal self-allocation of free oil, sold on the spot market. Then he initiated the corrupt culture of maintaining a huge monthly security vote virtually as personal pocket money.  Rather than repair our refineries, let alone to work at maximum capacity, IBB built private refineries in Cote d’Ivoire and the Republic of Benin, where he took our crude to refine and sell back to us as fuel.
Luscious contracts for the construction of Abuja were awarded to front-companies of his and his cronies, including Julius Berger and Arab Contractors that between them virtually single-handedly handled the construction of the new Federal Capital.  The security danger of foreign companies solely constructing a country’s capital and having access to its structural secrets, including possible Presidential underground escape routes and military arsenal volts, is mind boggling to say the least, but that is an issue for another day.
Although Babangida used mostly fictitious names for his numerous accounts abroad, EFCC could zero in on some of the accounts by following up on the dusts raised early in 2003 over the financing of his GLOBACOM.   Documents on the loan supposed to have been granted on 9 February, 2001, were dated 28 August, 2006. The original ‘loan’ letter has not been presented.  Apparently, Paribas Bank, based in Paris, was managing a slush fund from which investments in excess of US$400 million was made to buy into Alcatel (Globacom’s technical partners), Bouygues Telecoms, Peugeot and Total finaelf.
Alcatel and Parabel National of France were worried at the time that their invoices for the telecom project were being inflated to launder funds by the supposed private owners of the sources of funds and that private cheques were being issued to finance the staggering project without recourse to borrowing from banks. They suspected illegal laundering of funds and threatened to withdraw collaboration on the project while alerting Interpol to investigate the sources of the private cheques being issued to finance the project.  IBB could not participate in Obasanjo’s 2003, inauguration ceremonies, because he was allegedly out of the country sorting out the Interpol queries on the Alcatel’s slush account alert, at the time.  Even now, the telecoms’ financing details through Siemens etc, could be investigated by the EFCC tracing ghost cheques to issuing private sources of funds and their local and international banks to unravel possible laundering of funds.
There is this strong allegation among the rank and file of the armed forces, and members of the defense correspondence of our newspapers attached to the seat of power, that Babangida arranged, in the last couple of weeks before leaving office, for several armoured vehicle loads of newly printed naira notes to be delivered daily to his new Minna palatial abode obviously with the connivance of Abacha, perhaps as his mentor’s retirement benefit.  Abacha and Babangida had several serious financial problems with Abiola but one of them takes the cake.  It was over some foreign war booty amounting to US$215m.  It is alleged that Babangida had asked Abiola to help launder it when Babangida was in office but Abiola was not interested.
Babangida allegedly side-stepped Abiola and eventually prevailed upon a member of Abiola’s family in the custom of family friendship, to rescue the situation.  Then the person suddenly died.  It is further alleged that Abiola was asked to return the money and he truthfully and honestly said he knew nothing about it and even if there was such a thing, he had no authority over the matter.  Then he was asked to pressurize the children of the deceased to play ball.  Abiola refused, arguing that he had no legal or moral right to do so.  The kids of the deceased wanted Abiola released but Abiola was too principled to succumb to blackmail so the powers that be decided early after his arrest, that he would die in detention for declaring himself president.
Perhaps you would want to join me to play the prude accountant, generous with figures.  Let’s pretend that Babangida was a General throughout his service years in the Nigerian army.  Again let’s assume he spent 30 years in the army and was paid N100,000 monthly (actually, salaries of Generals were less than N10,000 a month until recently) and he saved every kobo of his salary. He would be worth about N35,000,000 plus interest in the bank today.  But Babangida’s 50 bedroom palatial abode in Minna is alleged to be conservatively worth billions of naira and he does not owe any bank on it.
The largest, most prestigious housing estate in Alexandra, Egypt’s leading holiday resort town, is alleged to belong to Babangida.  Many Egyptians cannot afford his rent, which is alleged to be in dollars.  All his tenants are rich foreigners and the staff of multi-national companies operating in Alexandra. The estate is alleged to have its own airport, which Babangida uses when he visits in his private jet.
Babangida is alleged to own several other housing estates around the world, including houses on Bishop Avenue in London.  He uses his London houses, it is alleged, as guest houses or gifts for people on his compromise list.  He is considered generous with gifts of cars with their boots stuffed with naira notes when he wants some jobs done.
In the area of managing the national economy, Babangida bestowed his adroitness and moral degeneracy.  His economy was dominated by male-wives, particularly in the banking and oil sectors.  Women often brag about the efficacy of ‘bottom’ power.  Feminine men sometimes flaunt it too as their passport to economic liberation.  Between them and the suddenly very lucrative 419 business of the time, industry was complete. IBB’s chiefs, allegedly colluded with 419 criminals to create the over-night semi-illiterate money-bags without class or shame, (including the 150 members of the National Assembly, that in 2005 sent IBB a birthday card), and who together now form the bulk of his supporters and campaigners, to return him to power.
Babangida  (sapped) or totally wiped the middle class out of existence with the destruction of the naira, which he did by fiat in 1985, when he down graded the naira exchange rate from about N2 to N18 to the dollar.  By the time he was forced out of office in 1993, the naira was exchanging at N60 to the dollar.  Society was reduced to two social classes of either the very poor or the rich rogues. Babangida should be heading for Kirikiri not Aso Rock because the fight against corruption is a sham otherwise.
Shagari’s regime (1979-1983), incurred Buhari’s wrath when it decided to investigate the US$2.8 billion that disappeared from the Midland Bank, London account of the Nigerian National Petroleum Cooperation, (NNPC), during General Obasanjo’s era as military head of state that preceded Shagari’s.  Dr. Olusola Saraki, Turaki of Ilorin, was the majority party leader of the Senate at the time and he headed the Senate Committee set up to trace the stolen money after some three years of clamour for such an investigation by members of the civil society.  The money was traced to the Midland Bank London branch fixed account of Buhari, Obasanjo’s appointee as military head of the Nigerian National Petroleum Company.  The Committee’s report was presented to the Senate during the tail end of Shagari’s regime in 1983, so the House decided to deal with the matter soon after the 1983 general elections.
The attempt at civilian-to-civilian transition provided the fillip for mayhem at the time.  The elections were marred by massive rigging because incumbent political office holders were refusing to slacken their stranglehold on Nigeria Plc., mortgaged as the leaders private property. On the 31st December, 1983, Buhari struck under the cover of the political commotion that trailed the presidential election results. Buhari generally had no agenda for leadership but vendetta against those he called critics and rabble-rousers.
Buhari did not see any moral wrong in his conversion of our oil money into his personal use.  Rather he railed at the press and what he described as the self-righteous sections of the country for making a big deal out of the issue. He locked up without trial, politicians and critics including Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, notorious for clamouring for the exposure of the oil money rogue.  Satire saved my neck at the time.  Vera Ifudu, who was an NTA reporter then, was sacked through his prodding as military ruler, for reporting what Dr. Olusola Saraki had told her in an interview about how the missing money was traced to Buhari’s account at a Midland Bank London branch.  Vera eventually won her case of wrongful dismissal in court against the NTA and was financially compensated.
Abacha rehabilitated Buhari with the chairmanship of the Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF) before he (Abacha) died in 1998.  When Obasanjo returned to power in May 1999 as civilian president, he found that over 2.5 billion naira had not been properly accounted for in the PTF and that there was not much on the ground to show for the colossal expenditure the agency was claiming. On the day Obasanjo announced the scrapping of the PTF, a non-staff brother-in-law of the boss, allegedly serving as his conduit on some PTF projects, died suddenly from what appeared to be heart failure.  Haruna Adamu, who was appointed by Obasanjo to investigate the PTF before finally consigning it to the dung heap, allegedly quickly pocketed one hundred million naira of PTF’s money before operating table could be set up for him, thus forcing Obasanjo to hurriedly close the place down without further investigations.  Buhari has been trying desperately since to return to power, perhaps to get a chance to shred the PTF documents?
The accusation in 1999/2000 that the president’s deputy, Atiku Abubakar, privatized Nigeria Incorporated to himself was not investigated because Obasanjo’s third term ambition was not strong at the time.  Atiku denied ownership of African Petroleum (AP), which in the end turned out to be a bobby trap, laced with huge hidden debt, and was re-acquired by the government through the NNPC.  However, Atiku was seen as a product of the Nigerian corrupt system.  He retired as a boss of the Customs several years ago, an agency of government that reeks with corruption. There were some spats over contracts for the communications garget for the 8th All African Games in 2003, in Abuja, and the issue of bunkering crookedness, and illegal rents collected on crude oil lifting, which Obasanjo largely scuttled in the heat of his tenure elongation project in March 2006.
In August 2005, and early 2006, we heard of US security operatives raiding Atiku’s home in Washington, USA, over allegation of involvement with Mr. William Jefferson, a member of the US Congress, in a US $500,000 bribe over a telecommunications deal in Nigeria. Jefferson was alleged to have said that he needed to give the $500,000 to Atiku, to help secure Nigeria’s adoption of Internet technology from the USA based iGate Inc.  In mid May 2006, the FBI claimed in a US court to have found marked US $90,000, of US $100,000 bribe money, collected from a business partner for Atiku, concealed in a freezer in the office of Mr. Jefferson.  Mr. Jefferson who at the time was claiming to have been duped by some Nigerians, had, in fact, collected $6.5 million from one Otumba Oyewole Fasawe, the Nigerian behind the Netlink Digital Television (NDTV) private business that Jefferson was contracted to supply with technology and failed.  Jefferson had with great difficulty, and after a lot of pressure, managed to refund only $1.7 million of the $6.5 million he had received, at the time he was screaming foul-play against his crooked Nigerian partners he swindled.  Mr. Vernon Jackson, Jefferson’s agent on the NDTV scam, was jailed in the USA in September 2006, for seven years over the deal.  William Jefferson himself was jailed in 2009 in the USA over the scam.
The Petroleum Development Trust Fund (PDTF), under the supervision of Vice President Atiku, had apparently been used to finance the NDTV business and some Globacom debts. On May 31, 2006, the US government, in reaction to public speculation in Nigeria, denied having cleared Atiku of involvement in the NDTV fraud.  Early in June 2006, Atiku was again alleged in a US court, where further hearing was continuing, to have been involved in the bribery scandal.  In mid July 2006, the EFCC went to a bank and collected statements on Atiku’s current accounts.
On Thursday 7th September 2006, the Senate President read in the Nigerian Senate, a letter from President
Obasanjo accompanying some documentary evidence, alleging conspiracy, fraudulent conversion of funds, corrupt practices, and money laundering, against the Vice President.  The submission, which was for the information of the Upper House, claimed that the President, acting on information received from the USA government, set up an administrative panel to investigate the allegations against Vice President Atiku.
The report of the panel, along with the findings of the EFCC, claimed that the Vice President utilized for private purposes, funds put in a fixed deposit account for the Petroleum Development Trust Fund (PDTF), a department of government under his care.  In essence, the Vice President was acting as money lender with government money for personal profit.  US$10 million of the US$125 million fund was clearly used as collateral in support of a loan of N1.2 billion granted to Otumba Oyewole Fasawe by the Trans International bank in Lagos.
The financial gain made by the Vice President from Fasawe over the loan was paid into Atiku’s Campaign Organization account with Bank PHB.  Umar Pariya, Atiku’s aide, acted as the go between on the transaction.  The balance of US$115m of the PDTF money was transferred in April 2003, for reasons unconnected to PDTF activities, to Equatorial Trust Bank belonging to Dr. Mike Adenuga, the Vice president’s friend and Chairman of Globacom.  The fund’s transfer, like the US$10 million withdrawn from it earlier, was done without the required recourse to the Federal Executive Council (FEC).   Argument by the Vice President that the US$115m was put in Adenuga’s bank eight months after Globacom’s operating license was paid for or that no money was lost, does not alter the fact that the fund was moved without FEC’s awareness and for purposes unrelated to PDTF projects, including possible attempt to cushion Globacom over an urgent business deal or external debt repayment pressures for personal profit.
The Vice president’s defense at the time sounded like:  “I am guilty but I shared my illicit gains with the President and my party, the PDP.”  The Vice President, now politically dead, alleged that the President’s profits from the messy deals included N3 billion directly; their joint billions of Naira campaign fund; N100 million made to the president’s IBAD construction company; N11 million given to his Bell Comprehensive High School to buy buses; N200 million used to clear some of the president’s debts; N100 million contributed to his campaign fund; ugly arms deal scams; funds given to his African Leadership Forum and to buy cars for women (married or not), he was ensnaring to his bed etc; N500 million made available to the campaign chest of the PDP….
On Tuesday October 3, 2006, Chief Dan Etete, a Petroleum Resources Minister in General Abacha’s regime, opened a can of worms on the Vice President’s ugly oil deals, and how INTELS, (a company in which the VP had substantial interest and shared ownership with two Italians, Messrs Gabriel Volpi, and Angello Perruzi, and a Switzerland based lawyer called Lugano), sold a piece of land on the water front in Port-Harcourt to Shell for US$100m.  The VP, using INTELS, and (Pecos Nigeria Limited, a business front of Otunba Oyewole Fasawe), blackmailed and pounced on 50% of Malabo’s oil bloc 245.  Then with the connivance, treachery and crookedness of Shell, the Anglo Dutch Oil giant, stole the entire bloc 245 from Malabo at US$210m profit to the Vice president and his business cronies.  Using similar tricks, the VP’s INTELS and Associates cornered 20% stake in oil bloc 247 belonging to another party.
The VP’s defense was that Etete should not be taken seriously because he was in exile after “supervising the collapse of Nigeria’s refineries….   and that Etete stole over US $5bn from the public treasury and allocated the oil bloc in question to himself when he was Minister of Petroleum Resources.” That during the scam in question and since, the Petroleum Ministry has been under the firm grip of the President, “all by himself, these last seven and half years.  Every Nigerian is literate to the fact that all enquiries on oil and related matters go to the president’s desk…..  When the big masquerade behind Etete is courageous enough to come out, the Vice president will respond.”   What this means in essence is that others not mentioned in Etete’s


report profited along with the VP from his oil projects’ looting business.
•Osahon,  author, social critic, poet, investigator and philosopher, is the Hon. Khu Mkuu (Leader) of the World Pan-African Movement); Ameer Spiritual (Spiritual Prince) of the African race. He wrote the critically-acclaimed work: ‘The end of knowledge’  and several books for children. Osahon was honored and presented the key to the city of Memphis, Tennessee, USA; honorary Councilmanship of the Memphis City Council; honorary Citizenship  and Commissionership, County of Shelby in Tennessee; and a silver shield trophy from the Morehouse College, USA, for activities to unite and uplift the  African race.
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  6. Vincent London

    From these facts, Nigeria has not leaders but is beset by profligates and surrogates – they make parody (mockery) of the Institution – Leadership! You must put this up for as long as you can make it please possible! I mean where is the scruple and or principles we talk about leadership and for Nigeria. Principled leaders will stop once they have had a go at the post and not keep trying and trying as if we have none other in Nigeria to get on with the assignment, folks!

    [The truth, however, is that the North has never given Nigeria good leaders. The North has always foisted on Nigeria bad leaders who are either stealing Nigeria dry in office or too sick to govern. After fifty years of failed leadership produced mainly by the North: Gowon, Shagari, Buhari, Babangida, Abacha, Atiku, Yar’Adua, Nigeria urgently needs a breather from the crooked, dim and spent mob that over the period, collectively and systematically brought Nigeria down to her knees, destroyed our hopes, and turned our prospects as a people into painful despair.]

    The thought that they are doing all this to us, our children and our grand children deliberately on the pretext that they are with us, to the fickle minded and misguided particularly in the South East, leaves a lot for reflection, folks! We hear their friends in the East invoke that “beautiful bride” euphemism which to serious political observers should be regarded as a cliché now in the changed situation (no more relevant) in Nigeria! Above all, which one of them is not filthy rich, compared to what they were or supposed to be today? We know that Chief M. Abiola used to bail them out financially those years! He was himself a ‘kingpin’ to them financially said to even sponsored coup plotters especially when they turned down his ambition to contest the Presidency in the 1983 attempt upon which decision he resigned from NPP then. But, surprisingly he was invited by the Military to take part in the 1993 exercise not with clear mind though – it was merely to ‘placate’ him for the patronises he was noted for, to the officers then. He was to contest against their man Alhaji. Tofa, whom they thought Chief Abiola stood no chance of winning in the election! It turned out that Chief Abiola triumphed in that election. It was obvious he won against Tofa – it was also part of the grudges against the Chief! It was all murky and mundane resembling what you could describe as childlike or childish in outlook really! It was all flimsy like we recently heard, Alhaji Atiku has gone to marry another Yoruba lady all in the hope to garner support from her (the lady’s) clan and you wonder is this how to go about to achieve a properly grounded compatible political approach for the country Nigeria? Somebody says, Yes; because it is still a very gullible society driven by both cultural and religious encumbrances, folks! Feeling aghast with the trappings in the country – the rate of corruption and the culpability, observers have no doubt averred (hoped) for a kind of revolution for Nigeria! But, at the level or standard we are and having seen it all, I have chosen the path of a subtle kind of approach to the socio-economic and political problems we have in Nigeria! Incidentally, the solutions to these including for the ‘zoning’, have been passed on to the authority long before now, would you believe?

    Having read through this article and that from Olitan Ladipo you have the airily feeling about things happening wrongly in Nigeria and it calls for urgent reflections and change! If you are familiar ith my publications, you find that I used the phrase ‘things happening wrongly administratively backstage’ frequently all because some of the things, policies/decisions reached in Nigeria come as surprises to me, tell you the truth. .Now having seen these exposés, you are left aghast and they make the mind boggling with a tinge! Last I wrote I wondered why and how it was necessary that the drafters of our Constitution could produce such a poorly supervised work for the kind of population we have and anticipate to have in Nigeria! On my first glance over the book in 2004, I said to myself No, this is not what we need to drive the polity (engine) like Nigeria – the contents and the phraseologies of the Sections and the more worrying is the inclusion of that Council of State! I have raised this issue wondering how and when it was introduced in the Book – the import and why? You find that the constituent membership is also a major bane and or hindrance of Nigerian progress in many ways. The arrangement leaves the impression of DESPOTS – cum plutocratic and a pseudo but masterminded oligarchy set up for Nigeria to manage and direct the affairs of the people! If you carefully examine the compositions and how the ascensions to the posts in the Federal Executives that form or attend the Council’s regular proceedings in the following groups you will immediately agree with my thinking, thus:-

    (c) All past Heads of State, (e) The Senate President not the past Senate Presidents, (f) Speaker of the House of Representative again not the past Speakers, (g) All the Governors of the States and, (h) The Attorney-General of the Federation! We don’t now about the future, but majority of the persons are of the military extraction or background, folks!

    You will see immediately the chicanery or deliberate plan to malign the people of Nigeria all the time. Now I don’t want to claim knowledge of what the ‘One’ before this 1999 is, to much detail but I recall that there is nowhere that the Council was mentioned – correct me if you may please because we are all in this to find solutions, folks! So, the inclusion of this under the Third Schedule Part 1 leaves a lot about both the administrative and legal problems we have, representing a safe heaven for these, and going to have in Nigeria if nothing is going to be done to make corrections in the membership or formation! A simple analysis of the composition, suggests immediately that PDP has the upper hand (overwhelming) in whatever you are going to do in Nigeria under the arrangement! In particular in (c) you find that the past Heads of State all of whom we know, are from Northern Nigeria – 8 in number in the past 50 years!

    Looking up the antecedents of these you would notice that all got into office through military interventions except one and that is Alhaji Shehu Shagari nevertheless by what Chief Obafemi Awo considered a canny enthronement by OBJ then! Moreover, the age and reasons at which they got into office make it even more revolting that they do not necessarily have the right experience and or training to start with as you do in France or the U.S.! It is no surprising that we are where we are today in the country Nigeria, still grappling with what to countries like Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong, are simple social and political problems! Malaysia, we are told has the largest concentration of Muslims, has Christians in substantial numbers also and they exist in harmony same thing is happening to our next door neighbours – Senegal, Gambia and Ghana, where we are told children of spouses are at liberty to choose which religion to attend to on Fridays and on Sundays! In spite of this illustration cited, we want to know where in the nations of the World, where we have this Council of State arrangement in their political and or administrative set up – surely not in the U.S. where we borrowed our Constitution! We are therefore encumbered (at a loss) in a way with the arrangement! Consequently the past Heads are in our case, acting as absentee ‘Land-lords’ directing and benefiting from that ‘Share cropping’ kind of arrangement, the Atlantic Slave trade was bedevilled!

    From what is explained and is the case in Nigeria, you can see why all of them involved in this struggle are so concerned – all hoping to get in so as to hide behind that Sec. 308, which we have prayed the Amendment Committee to do something about. Surprising that they too have not thought it right to modify the wordings or take it out entirely from the Book – it is part of the ironies in Nigeria, all hoping that they could be in such position of authority one day so as to enjoy the privileges! And you are left wondering when would this happen to any of them? How long will it take them to get there, folks! The kind of money peddled in this article and those before now, I said already, is mind boggling such that, put against the workers demand in Nigeria, you just feel pathetic for the entire nation! In particular for those aiding and abetting this clamour for IBB, Atiku and Buhari’s resurgence in Nigeria! In an attempt to work out the totals associated with the men, you will discovered that the sums runs into trillions and billions respectively for them and majority of which is lodged outside Nigeria and we are talking about (=N=18,000) per month for the poor workers in Nigeria! Also the rate of the masterminded corruption, debauchery and armed-robberies in the country as a result of the fragrant attitude display of these so-called past leaders!

    It is now clear that IBB for example, invested virtually heavily the majority of his own booty outside Nigeria – in Egypt, Ivory Coast and Republic of Benin to a disheartening point, where Nigerian serves as a market for the produce of the refineries! The refineries afford employment for the citizens of the countries where the refineries are built! All that happened yet the few of them in Nigeria from the South East, lead by Alhaji Adamu Ciroma feel justified that IBB & Co. should return to power to continue to goad and malign us in Nigeria! No better way to describe these groups than that ingrates and or the moo, moo group – requiring a serious magnetic resonance imaging otherwise referred to as MR1 for their brains to discover what might have gone wrong in the cells! A thinking obviously absurd to see in any of the developed nations! To see past leaders of such countries so culpable like Chile and Panama yet the people are being persuaded to have them back to the scene! Nothing more than to institutionalise corruption more and feather the cronies wings in Nigeria – the kind we saw for Italy after the wars – in the 50s!

    A cursory reflection of the figures touted here show that IBB’s total outlay comes = $107. 9Billion

    To this add; The debt sales of 10 cents against the 45 cents =

    Free oil sold on spot market =

    Security vote by which means IBB introduced it we presume =

    Private refineries built outside Nigeria owned by IBB =

    Abuja contracts benefits for him and the security risks thereto =

    He benefit accrued from sighing Nigeria off to OIC =

    The cost of the Hill top Edifice in Minna, Niger State can only guess the cost =

    The cost of the Estate in Egypt and the Jet – the ownership we recall rattled Abacha! =

    The undisclosed amount of money spent for OBJ’s elections campaign in 1999! =

    The $400m arising from the slush funds and then =

    The several armoured vehicle loads of the newly printed Naira notes tucked away in his Palace record of which must be with the Central Bank listed as legal tender notes that can be used in circulation in Nigeria! = _____________________

    Total of these to include both for the tangibles and the intangibles, estimated =US$17Trillion _____________________

    * All the itemised above is for you to append cost to each, include for the intangibles!

    With the knowledge of this, both Alhaji Adamu Ciroma and Dr. Iyorcha remain adamant, goes

    to confirm the citation about Don King’s ‘Last of the Wild’ documentary, showing primates not tethered on their waist line, therefore, the contents of the baskets were left to their whims and

    caprices depending on the agility and strength, and none of the weaker ones asked questions

    or tied to stop the pillage that carried on by the bigger primates, like our Sec. 308, folks!

    All to the design of the military as a result of the interregnum over the years!

    Think for a moment with the degree or weight of culpability in this article or report, if

    IBB and Buhari were Igbo men by Nigerian standard in this exposé!

    We re-call that President Augusto Pinochet of Chile, in spite of all that he did for Chile and for Britain, he was detained in the U. K. and deported back to Chile on extradition order for prosecution – he was also dubbed a DICTATOR as IBB asserts he is for Nigeria! Pinochet was sent to prison eventually!

    All of this IBB classified as SPOILS of War; surely, as Britain and the allied countries regarded the acquisitions ‘sequestration’ of Germany’s territories in Africa after the World Wars! In other words, IBB wages war against us in Nigeria therefore took away all that he could from us and we are stupidly submitting o his whims at this prevarication and shenanigans going on in the country now! On top of all this the NASS members feel justified to grant them ‘pensions’ all to out behest and the workers in Nigeria to continue to walk the streets with cup in hand, folks! I am thinking for the NASS here, i. e. why not they consider the insert to

    • Sec. 66 and 182. in 2. (e) If you have been Head of State or Governor of a State in Nigeria for at lease 5 or 3 years! To save us all this palaver; This will also tell our friends observing keenly what we are doing, that you people are serious and not stupid in the light of the Chief of Air Defence ‘speculation’ in May/June 2010!

    In all of this, it beats one’s imagination that the EFCC Chairperson has in number of occasions request for Special Courts to enhance the performances of he r Commission about corruption in Nigeria in the knowledge that the Commission is fully aware of all these reports and findings so as to deal with the issues effectively! For some unknown reasons nothing is happening yet to grant this, all important request – we don’t know why! Even he lawyers don’t seem to see the reasons for this request such that to IBB and group, Nigerians are still considered a gullible society where you can easily get away with murder and this is the question about him!

    With Gadhaffi it is more of a question of his usual pranks, and knowing what to do with him really! You will recall he tried such pranks with President Robert Mugabi of Zimbabwe and he could not get anywhere; then after the fall of Sadahm of Iraq, we saw the speed with which he dismantled his Nuclear weapons of destruction proggrame – in fact he abandoned it entirely! He tried in the U.S. in the last U. N. meeting, to mass his guardsmen in N.Y. but he was refused permission to try it – I think he is merely employing his magic wand to intimidate and then hopefully get away with his religious pranks! We don’t forget that he has plenty money to throw away in other to achieve his ambition in Africa si much depends on those he has to deal with – he is obviously sensing that Nigeria could be a a favourable ground going by that gullible disposition about us, explained above! I think that what Gadhaffi wants is somebody who is as mad as he is to deal with – Idiagbon would have served this purpose correctly for us in Nigeria! I am saying here, with the kind of insinuations and or innuendoes now coming frequently about us, it is about time we reshuffled the representations in the Houses – the NASS, in Nigeria and more important to get at the exact population enumeration number for Nigeria, folks!

    Now with all the reports, which Adamu Ciroma is well aware of, and the fact that his people have been in charge for over 38 years directing unwittingly, the affairs of Nigeria, we want to know where is that compromise talked about in politics a lot of it we have seen and heard of about the U. S? Thus what do we do about the following questions; thus: –

    • The iconic leadership we need for Nigeria, which we are all hoping to create out of Dr. G. Jonathan and Arch. N. Sambo so as to bring about change in the leadership quality and capacity in Nigeria against the characteristic profligacy in vogue presently!

    • Why should we carry on with thieves in corridors of power in Nigeria, given all that is exposed in this article and more yet to be revealed?

    • What happens to the AMNESTY achieved for the Niger Delta in the face of a break down in this most ambitious and unfair political tinkering?

    • And where are the South-East and the South-South in this struggle – how long more shall we have to wait for IBB, Atiku and Buhari to return to the seat of the Presidency and continue with the pillage of Nigeria’s financial coffers as evidently proven or displayed – IBB described it unashamedly as SPOILS of War against Nigerians! Meaning he is an out-law and should not be accountable to the people he wants to be their leader!

    • Where are we, are we to be seen as active participators in the game of politics or just fodder in Nigeria?

    • Now these must be that ‘orisons’, talked about the traitors by King Henry 5th whilst he was preparing for his county’s battle at Agincourt France, worrying you Adamu Ciroma!

    You need to know, the observers think, that the Jet owned by IBB and the Craft Arik are meant for these two OBJ and IBB (lest we forget Gen. Sani Abacha threatened to set fire to IBB’s Jet when he IBB attempted to flout it during his [Abacha’s] tenure) for a quick escape with their families in time of any uprising and the rest of them Atiku and Buhari are also itching to get as much as they did in the mix-up, folks! If they do succeed this time well, you are no more than that moo, moo people, all of you in Nigeria, folks!

    I want to say this, ladies and gentlemen – my countrymen, the fact are so huge and overwhelming that Alhaji Adamu Ciroma and his affiliates in the South East cannot defend it or cause them to be blighted or just wished away! It is such (the dilemma about the role they played collectively over the 50 years period) that the North affected find it difficult to given-in in the situation we are now! It has therefore, placed them in that dog in the manger position! – where the thinking is, rather than give up without a fight, lets continue to the end of it! A showdown position in this matter; ceasing from carry on protesting will mean accepting the ‘guilt’ and that the allegations are all true! So, they must continue to agitate!

    By a consensus candidate proposal by Adamu Ciroma and his colleagues, they have resolved to subvert and go against the Electoral Law that abhors unopposed candidacy, substituting bipartisan(ship) and parochialism by circumvention against or for the democratic processes started (began) and on course ‘burgeoning’ in Nigeria! Look who is complaining, after all these revelations about IBB, Buhari and Atiku as candidates for the post of Presidency in Nigeria! End of the day all blame must be heaped on Ciroma’s shoulders in the event of any slip or derailment in the peace so far achieved in Nigeria! The project Nigeria must be explained here calls for collective inputs from all the members of the polity and should not be a matter for external interference such that is alleged coming from Gadhafi of Libya!

    For us to solve the problems in Nigeria please, we want to know what the content of that Dr. Pius Okigbo Panel’s report and recommendations is all about for 9Ja! In spite of all of this I want to inform also that the solutions to the crux of the matter in Nigeria today had been provided to help us much earlier to settle all these before now, folks!

    The most curious, obviously worrying and requiring urgent attention as we discuss these issues must be; “The security danger of foreign companies solely constructing a country’s capital and having access to its structural secretes, including possible Presidential underground escape routes and military arsenal volts, is mind boggling to say the least……” It is most likely that this aspect of the problems about Nigeria, must be the concern of Alhaji Adamu Ciroma and IBB – what to do about the present and possible future problems, which from the reactions from both of them, the whole Nation must seek to discover – to know what is left lurking in the entire complex as a result of the supervised by IBB! This aspect of the revelations must be dealt with urgently to make sure we are safe in Nigeria – that there are no pre-arranged remote control connections or linkages with the contractors serving as use for purposes of espionage like the OIC, for example, knowing how Nigeria got signed onto the very Religious Organisation in the first place, whereby Nigeria may well be left at the mercy of the installers of the gadgets in the Villa, if by any event they (the contractors) decide to become Nigeria’s detractors in the future! Thank you.

  7. this a serious matter.Nigerians should be ready for d 2011 elections

    1. if i should be a senior military leader tomorrow, i will kill babangida and take my own life because babangida deserves to be killed to appease the gods of the land.


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