Transsexual ‘Black Madam’ and Inside Story of how 20-yr-old Nigerian-Brit Claudia Aderotimi lost her life from butt-enhancement injection in Philadelphia, USA.


Transsexual ‘Black Madam’ and the Inside Story of how 20-yr-old Nigerian-British woman Claudia Aderotimi lost her life from butt-enhancement injection in Philadelphia, USA.

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“Black Madam” Person of Interest in Butt Implant Case.
By Teresa Masterson
Philadelphia Police are looking for a singer known as “Black Madam” as a person of interest in the investigation into the death of a 20-year-old British woman who died shortly after receiving buttocks enhancements in a Philadelphia hotel room.
Claudia Seye Aderotimi died 1:32 a.m. Tuesday after she apparently flew to Philadelphia with three friends to get silicone injections into her buttocks at a Hampton Inn in southwest Philly.
Police executed a search warrant on the Ardmore apartment of 41-year-old Padge-Victoria Windslowe Thursday. According to the police search warrant, witnesses say Windslowe administered the injections.
Windslowe, also known as “Black Madam” on her Facebook page and music website, was not at home at the time of the search and police are still trying to locate her.
According to the search warrant obtained by NBC Philadelphia, one of Aderotimi’s friends, 20-year-old Theresa Gyamfi, identified Windslowe in a photo as the person who injected silicone into her and Aderotimi Monday.
Gyamfi told police that she and Aderotimi came to the U.S. to meet a woman they knew as “Sasha.” Sasha arranged for the women to meet a woman who called herself Lillian Lang, who would perform the buttocks enhancements.
Gyamfi said that Windslowe, a.k.a. Lang, had performed a similar silicone injection treatment on her in November 2010. Gyamfi later identified the woman she knew as Lang to be Windslowe, according to the search warrant.
Gyamfi told police she paid Windslowe $1,800 for the silicone injections.
An Immigration Custom’s Enforcement agent had been watching the Hampton Inn for possible drug activity at the time of the butt injections. Because the hotel was under surveillance, police ran the license plates of a New Jersey woman who left the hotel on the day of the enhancement procedures.

The transsexual blackmadam-Facebook-page

The license plate identification brought police to 30-year-old Scheffee L. Wilson of Saddle River, N.J. Gyamfi identified Wilson as the woman she knew as “Sasha” who set up the butt injection appointments for the women with Windslowe.

Wilson told police that she knew Windslowe as Lillian, and that Lillian had a YouTube music video under the name “Black Madam.”
With that information, police found the video and contacted the people who directed and produced the video. The directors told police that “Black Madam’s” real name was Padge-Victoria Windslowe, according to checks with which she paid them.
The directors also confirmed that she lived at 104 W. Montgomery Ave in Ardmore, and one of the directors said he had been to Windslowe’s apartment several times.
Police confirmed with the property owner that Windslowe did indeed live there and executed a search warrant, looking for any medical supplies, gauze, syringes, Krazy GIue, silicone, bandages, her black 2002 Jaguar, any device capable of e-mail or voicemail, ID, computers, fruit’s of the crime.
It is not yet known what the police found in Windslowe’s apartment.
(Masterson is a reporter for NBC news in Philadelphia)
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  1. This essay was sent ot me by a close friend of black madam… please read below "Our Way Of Life" by Kia

  2. Our Way Of Life
    In the news I’ve been seeing so many broadcast and blogs on the hot topic of but injections…
    Well, it’s twenty years later since my first injections. I was a young and desperate trans girl longing to look and feel more like a true female. Hormones were just not enough, nor did they work as fast to get the changes and softness I as a young trans girl longed for. I remember Getting up on the first day of my injections, my girlfriend and I hopped on the Amtrak train to NYC for our first round of Silicone shots. It was like a birthday celebration to me. Anxiety and Excitement Enthralled me. Once in New York city, we hopped in a taxies and on to uptown and a more passable me we went. As we were buzzed in and Up the elevator into this well kept polished uptown apartment building my girlfriend and I went into this very classy looking woman’s apartment . I remember getting up on her table, and it all beginning. It was like hell, I don’t know what I was thinking a silicone jab would actually feel like getting, but never in my wildest imagination did I think it would feel like hells fire up under my skin. The injections were followed by the second burn sensation of crazy glue as my lay nurse sealed off my fresh injection holes from leakage. On with the antiseptic spray and finally some sort of plastic wrap to protect my clothes for our train journey back home. Yes! It’s all over and I survived. The pain was like nothing I ever felt in my life, but once I looked into the mirror as I was putting back on my tights… it was like love at first sight. There I saw the beginning of the hips and buttocks I‘ve always dreamt. No more silhouette of a little boy’s body, that I wanted in my youth to commit suicide over, I was a girl now. The hips I new I was meant to have, were finally on their way . From that day forth it was a ritual in my Trans life every other Saturday just as normal as going to church every Sunday.
    I am expressing these personal detail of my very private life as a transsexual woman , to allow you the reader into a transgender woman’s world for a better understanding of this thing we do that’s called “Pumping” aka “Sill” aka “ Getting Work” aka “The Candy“… it’s all about, “Our Way Of Life“.
    Weather you as an outsider think it’s a Bizarre or weird cure to a cheaper alternative to the main stream cosmetic surgery body sculpting procedure. Pumping in most cases is the trans woman’s bridge between a life of Passing or a life Torture Ridicule and Self Hate because of not passing and standing out to much for looking too masculine in woman’s clothes. So please News Casters, Blogers and Main Stream people. Do not knock our way of making it in this Trans hostile world if your not willing to stand up for the Trans community and make changes to help open avenues to help trans woman get better medical care to help legally meet our needs of transitioning. Being able to get “pump” has aloud me and thousands of my trans sisters to live a beautiful normal life free from harassment in such a climate of trans hate.
    Now I’m noticing that with these great results that can be obtained through years of perfecting the silicone body sculpting procedure via “getting pumped“, the idea of getting pump has seemingly bled into the mainstream of genetic female Celebrities, Reality Stars, Strippers and the Common Woman seeking a better self image. With this in mind, Ladies… with this comes the fact that we as trans woman all get up on the table knowing that something can go wrong. However, it’s a chance to us that’s well worth taking and with all knowledge that the person performing the procedure is not a formally trained doctor, but someone with knowledge of the procedure and has been trained through a word of mouth system that has gone on in the Trans community for more than 50 years. These lay practitioners are people willing to help Trans women achieve a better standard of life. Thus if something goes a stray during the procedure, it is well understood that they are to be fully excused of any wrong doing. Let it be known again that this is “our way of life” as the Trans woman and not to be taken as a “trend”. Trans women die from this procedure many times. However, it is a risk well worth taking for the result, which could lead to a more passable and happy fulfilled life. So please remember why we the Trans Women do this. This is not just something we do for vanity. Getting pumped is a trans woman’s life line. So if you chose to get on the table knowing the dangers of this procedure, you should fall under the same rules of engagement as the trans woman as far as subjecting your lay doctor to the No Fault Clause if something goes a stray during this procedure… It’s our way of life!
    God Bless Claudia Seye Aderotimi’ and the many other trans woman’s lives lost in this struggle of self insecurities and may they rest in peace. However, what happen to these women was not malice or murder and the media so well puts it, it’s a situation that we the trans woman face everyday we decide to move more closer towards our full transition. Please don’t knock our way of life, especially if your not willing to help the trans woman’s cause to make things better.
    BLACK MADAM is not a murderer, God bless you sister!

  3. I Mean when one accuses a person of casting witch craft to harm ones child. I had to look more into this BLACK MADAM person a little further. However, It seems that when pulling a bait and switch with the ending results leaving the baited BLACK MADAM paying double what was promised in the end from Photographer Jessica Lark, it seeks this situation would leave one more than a bit upset. It seems to have started when a aspiring pop singer BLACK MADAM seek the services of Jessica Lark Photography studios in limerick pa. via MYSPACE. A deal was struck over the phone that seem like a dream come true for a photo shoot and a demo music video for about $1,700. However, as the artist showed up to ink the deal, it seems that Ms. Jessica Lark added a bit of “Magic” to deal herself. With this in mind, we now have a psyched up Diva BLACK MADAM looking to shoot the hottest photo shoot of her life at a bargain rate as promised by Jessica Lark. But what Jessica Lark delivered was something less than a grade F in the school of great photography and Photo Shop. BLACK MADAM and her 3 assistants states that Jessica Lark, a military wife to Sgt. Michael Lark and mother of 2 was actually making out with her assistant photographer Jordon during our photo shoot. We were very off put to say the least. And to make matters worse , Jessica Lark refused to arrange props during shoot… BLACK MADAM and her assistance had to do more of the job that they paid Jessica to deliver. Black Madam'e Management confirms that Lark would not deliver shots on dates as were agreed upon in the deal” … Lark would just keep demanding payments after payments after already receiving more than a $1,500 deposit… “ She actually held off delivering pics till the next month when the 2nd payment was due… “I’ve been to the rodeo a few times states BLACK MADAM, so I knew something was shady with the woman name Lark. I don’t deny at all, that yes I didn’t pay her final payments for the horrible less than professional job she did for me… and I consider myself lucky to at least have gotten a way from her shady grips with at least 3 to 4 alright pict out of the deal for my $1,500 deposit I paid. God bless her poor husband as my assistants and I witness her deception with him too with her assistant Jordon… the whole ordeal with Jessica Lark Photography was horrible. More over, Jessica Lark shows her true color in trying to capitalize off the less fortunate situation at hand. She is a very bitter person since took the video production job from her and gave it to the duo Mickles and Brian of the 360 degree video production team say BLACK MADAM.

  4. I also agree with Jazminebabe. I am aquainted with her and know she's not the "Monster" the medias making her out to be. Team Madam all day!!

  5. the images used in this article were taken by Jessica Lark in a session that was not paid for by "black madam" They are copyrighted and used without permission. "black madam" or Padge Victoria Winslowe or whatever she is calling herself these days owes well over $2000 for the images. She was always a crook.

  6. I totally agree with JazminebaBe, I know her as well and have had no problems with any of my sessions. She is very sterile, professional and pays very close attention when she is with u. I don’t hold her at fault for anything that happened because she tells u what not to do before your procedure and stays with u after she is done until u r ready for her to leave. Apparently this Claudia chick did something she had no business doing that caused her death like getting drunk at the club.

  7. Jazminebabe
    This really takes me… this whole thing on but injections… i bet the women or men giving them are just praised and the best friend of the person seeking them. that is until something goes wrong. Now they become a killer, monsters & the Hunted. The women that seek these people go and book hotel rooms, not a cosmetic clinic with a plastic surgeon. They know the person is not a doctor, so why is it that the ones seeking to have these injections are exempt of fault if something goes wrong. If your over 18 years of age. you know just what your getting into, I had over 9 of my 15 total injection sessions by this person. and never would i want her to be going through this if something went astray. This was my choice and my choice alone. after about the 12th injection, i had a bit of a side effect, due to me not disclosing the fact that i had taken some advil which thined my blood too much and swore to never do this again, and guess what… three month later i was booking another appointment. as long as these injections are not some kind of household product and the injector did not mislead anyone into thinking it was silicone, she should walk free. We live in such a world where everyone wants to take the credit for the good things and past the buck of responsibility when there’s a negative outcome. Just speaking from the heart on this matter. more over, it’s said that Claudia got toasted on 4 LOKO till she past out and hotel help had to roll her up to her room on a wardrobe cart just hours before her incident…People Wake Up!

  8. its a pity, will they ever learn.


  10. Crazy!! madness!!! concern on wrong things. Signs of the times!!!

  11. This is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As if black women do not have butts!!!! I do not get it!!!!


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