Ivory Coast massacre: Ouattara troops kill 800 in Duekoue; UN Sec-Gen demands investigation


    Ivory Coast massacre: Ouattara troops kill 800; UN Sec-General demands investigation

    Special to USAfricaonline.comIvory Coast massacre: Ouattara troops kill 800 in Duekoue; UN Sec-Gen demands investigation

    The United Nations Secretary-General (has) Ban Ki Moon demanded that Ivory Coast’s internationally recognised president Alassane Ouattara take action against followers who took part in a massacre of about 800 people, a UN spokesman said on Sunday.

    Mr Ouattara denied to Mr Ban in a telephone conversation late on Saturday that his followers were involved in events in the western town of Duekoue, according to spokesman Martin Nesirky. Mr Ouattara said he had ordered an investigation.

    The international Red Cross and United Nations say about 800 people were killed in an operation by pro-Ouattara forces in the town last Tuesday as they took territory from Ivory Coast strongman Laurent Gbagbo.

    ‘The secretary general expressed particular concern and alarm about reports that pro-Ouattara forces may have killed many civilians in the town of Duekoue in the west of the country.

    ‘The secretary general said those responsible should be held accountable,’ according to Nesirky. ‘President Ouattara, while denying his forces were involved, said he had launched an investigation and would welcome an international inquiry into the matter,’ he added. ref: AFP


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