USAfrica: Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) rattles PDP in parliamentary elections; sends Speaker of House packing; former President Obasanjo’s daughter defeated


Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) rattles PDP in parliamentary elections; sends Speaker of House packing, and former President Obasanjo’s daughter defeated.





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The landscape and dynamics of Nigeria’s elections are being altered into the new week with the impressive showing of opposition parties whose groups have reduced the overall dominance of the ruling PDP across the southwest, eastern, midwestern and northern parts of the country.One of the most prominent casualties of the rise of the ACN is the Speaker of Nigeria’s House of Representatives, (PDP Ogun State) Dimeji Bankole who was defeated in yesterday’s elections.

In the same Ogun State, to rub salt into an electoral injury, PDP Senator Iyabo Obasanjo-Bello  and daughter of Obasanjo reportedly lost at the polling station in front of her father’s house, the Assis Compound Unit 1 polling station. In 1999, her father lost his own constituency as presidential candidate of the PDP but was the announced winner of the elections.

There are reports, too, that the ruling PDP of President Goodluck Jonathan lost in s official residential war around Aso Rock in Abuja.USAfrica eye-witness reporters cited the physical and illegal removal of ballot boxes in Owerri especially near the town of Orji. The clash between former Minister (until recently ambassador of Nigeria to Ireland) Dr. Mrs. Kema Chikwe (of PDP) and incumbent senator Mrs. Chris Anyanwu of APGA (elected in 1999 under the PDP) has remained a point of interest.In Enugu, PDP’s Gilbert Nnaji defeated former controversial Governor and incumbent PDP senator Chimaroke Nnamani (he contested under the banner of PDC).

In Lagos Central Senatorial District, the wife of Bola Tinubu (Lagos former Governor and chieftain of the ACN) Oluremi Tinubu was victorious against the PDP.

Ahead of the presidential elections coming up next Saturday, the PDP seems in a slightly uncomfortable position. By Chido Nwangwu wt USAfrica reporters in Nigeria, Adewumni Adebola, Abubakar Ahmed and Agbo Agara


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