USAfrica: African Union bungles Libya crisis; refuses to recognize transition council


USAfrica: African Union bungles Libya crisis; refuses to recognize transition council.

By Chido Nwangwu


USAfrica, August 26, 2011: The African Union, the continent wide organization, has rejected the broad acceptance of Libyan rebels and the opposition forces who have uprooted the government of the mercurial

leader Muammar Ghadafi.


The leaders of the AU’s  Peace and Security Council meeting in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa declined accepting the National Transitional Council (NTC) of Liby as the legitimate representatives of the country — demanding, instead for what it called a ‘consensual and inclusive government.’



USAfrica understands that the main backer of the pro-Ghadafi stance is South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma  who is arguing that “There is a process in Libya wherein the NTC forces are in the process of taking over Tripoli…but there is still that fighting going on. So, we can’t therefore stand and say this is the legitimate one now.” Nigeria is among the other set of African countries who took the side of the NTC.

Ethiopia has supported the NTC, stating: “We ask the African Union and its members to be consistent by extending to the NTC the type of support and recognition that was extended to Tunisia and Egypt.”



Libya’s Ghadafi served as a major donor to the AU, and to several African Union leaders’ country needs.


Despite the opposition from some members of the AU, the Libyan people led by the NTC seem determined to forge ahead.


Ali Tarhouni, acting finance and oil minister for the rebel council has said today that  it is Ghadafi who is on the losing end: “He (Gadhafi) is the one who is basically in the sewer – moving from one sewer to another…. I proclaim the beginning of the work of the executive office in a free Tripoli as of this moment. Long live democratic and constitutional Libya. We can start rebuilding our country.”


As at the time of this at 6pm Friday August 26, 2011 (CST), a pocketful of resistance soldiers from the Ghadafi camp especially in his hometown are putting up some effort against the overpowering effort of the NTC backed by NATO technical, air support and military team.


USAfrica’s chats with key African diplomats inside Africa, Washington DC and New York convey a private but popular position: Ghadafi is history and the AU’s status quo leaders are on the wrong side of history.          •Chido Nwangwu serves as Founder & Publisher of USAfrica multimedia networks, Houston. and




#BreakingNews and special reports unit of USAfrica multimedia networks, and USAfricaTV

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  1. There was time when the Europeans sold Africans into slavery. Although this barbaric response was morally wrong, this greed for political and economic power lasted for over a hundred of years.  Therefore, we must carefully examine everyone actions and motives today.

    Considering that the military forces of the world superpowers are being used to defeat Gaddafi, I have no doubt that they will do exactly.  Nevertheless, the United Nations should not be supporting this VIOLENT path toward democracy and freedom.  Violence by the government or by the people is not the answer.  In fact, violence only begets more violence.  It is very clear that NATO exceeded its authority.  To restore credibility and peace, the world community must examine what is happening in Libya.

    The Libyan opposition may have a just cause, but violence is not the answer.

  2. RE:  Libya, Dreams and Hopes for Freedom, Peace, and Prosperity

    At this time, I support the African Union's position.  We must stop the VIOLENCE in Libya and around the world.  The United Nations, a peackeeping organization should not be supporting this or any violent path toward freedom and democracy.
    Rather than giving ALL the People of Libya an opportunity to speak, this VIOLENT overthrow of Libyan government only proves that we are just as BARBARIC, just as ruthless and cold blooded as we were centuries ago.
    GREATNESS should be measured not by the amount of power that we have, but what we do with the power that we do hold.
    On Sunday August  28  2011, Dr. Martin Luther King was to be honored in Washington DC, USA, for his role in the struggle for freedom, equality, and justice for all.  Despite being descendant of  slaves; Despite  all the church and house bombings; Despite being beaten, stabbed, jailed, and eventually assassinated, Dr. King never aspired to overthrow the U.S. Government.  Instead, Dr. King always called for PEACE; provided people HOPE; and  always stood firmly  for justice and equality for all people.
    It is the People of Libya who must determine their own future, their own destiny,  not the United Nations, not NATO and not The African Union; but All the People of Libya who must do this.
    Unfortunately, thanks to the United Nations and NATO, the Libyan government is now in total ruins. Therefore, I too would not recognize either side until this conflict is resolved and the People of Libya have an opportunity to speak.
    I vehemently oppose this VIOLENT overthrow of the Libyan Government or any government; VIOLENCE  by the government or violence by the people is still violence.  The United Nations, a peacekeeping organization, should not be supporting this or any VIOLENT path toward democracy  and freedom.  This is not sustainable and it must be corrected.  In addition, it does not appear that the rebels will be able to protect themselves or the People of Libya without foreign help.
    First, let me be clear.  I SALUTE the People of  Libya  and ALL  people who have democratic aspirations, hopes for freedom and sweet liberty; for having the courage to fight for a better life; however, VIOLENCE is not the answer.  In fact, violence only begets more violence.
    Second, let's be honest:  If this is really about freedom and democracy in Libya, who elected NTC?    If we are truly trying to restore peace and stability in Libya, why did the NTC refuse to negotiate a peaceful resolution to this deadly conflict?   And why is NATO, the military forces of the world superpowers, providing cover so ARMED groups can ADVANCE on  government forces?    If this is not abuse and misuse of the military forces of the world superpowers, it should be.  It is clear that NATO allies have exceeded the powers granted by the United Nations resolution.
    This is 2011.  The 21st Century,  not 7th Century B.C.  Plotting to take cities by FORCE, ousting leaders, assassinating world leaders, firing on people from fighter jets,  in hospitals  or religious institutions do not accurately represent the democratic  process; and it is SHAMEFUL for anyone, anywhere, to say otherwise.
    After World War II, world leaders established checks and balances precisely so no one country, person or group would abuse its military or political power ever again.  In 1945, the United Nations was established  primarily to promote peace and security; to solve humanitarian problems; promote fundamental freedoms and respect for human rights.
    In Libya, where are the checks and balance of  the military force by the world superpowers?     Here we have the military forces of the world superpowers dropping bombs on one side of the conflict; and  providing weapons and military cover for the opposing side to advance.
    To restore credibility, the world community must rethink the role of the United Nations and Nations for the 21st Century.  What kind of peacekeeping organization has the United Nations become?  What happened to resolving conflicts with peace talks, in the boardroom, in the courtroom, or at the ballot box.  We need diplomacy, not all these wars and more wars.
    Now is time for peace in Libya.  BOTH the Government and the Opposition Groups should be encouraged to CEASEFIRE immediately;  seek reconciliation and  a peaceful resolution for the country, for the people of Libya.
    Every crisis has both its dangers and opportunities.  It can either spell our salvation or doom.  All of the people of the world, without regard to political system, will have to discover a way to live in peace and harmony
    How we deal with this crucial issues will determine our moral health as individuals, our cultural health as a region, our political health as a nation, and our prestige as leaders of the free world (mlk)
    Peace Be With You And Around The World


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