Obasanjo vs Jonathan, Nigerian masses and Chido’s missed point. By Dr. Eddie Ozumba


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I thank Dr. Chido Nwangwu for his excellent deduction from Nigeria’s former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s  December 2, 2013 letter to President Jonathan; where Chido stated, in part, that “Based on Obasanjo’s military antecedents, power attitude and drawing from my reading of his history as a leader, he will Not — for lack of a better word — “forgive” Jonathan despite his references to God and Christ, and to the great Nelson Mandela the same week as a forgiving leader. To be sure, Obasanjo does not have the forgiving spirit of Mandela….” from the commentary, Why Jonathan should fight back, or Obasanjo will end his presidency. By Chido Nwangwu.


However, Dr. Chido Nwangwu missed expanding on a core part of Obasanjo’s agenda behind this outburst and onslaught by Obasanjo, supported by his power clique.



It is obvious to every one that those who have hidden skeleton in their cupboards have been rattled by the prospects that Nigerian masses may seek a genuine end to their political and social crises under the present administration and so these power brokers want to forestall it so that they can get away with their agenda.

It is therefore not just a matter of Jonathan seeking how to save his presidency. Saving his presidency may not necessarily make Nigeria better for all. [editor’s note: Chido stated more than that, specifically, in his commentary: “Jonathan should call a very small meeting of effective men and women (from within and outside government) with one request: how do I save my presidency to make Nigeria better for all?”]

The break up of Nigeria’s ruling PDP as a party has already put that party in a poor shape to vie for national election. Historically, any party that cannot overcome internal power challenge and division was doomed to fail at national polls. This happened in the recent Australia national election, where internal leadership tussle within the ruling Labour Party caused its defeat in the national election. It is a natural consequence of failure to maintain internal coherence within any party.

Thankfully, the break up of PDP does not mean the break up of Nigeria, nor does it mean end of Jonathan as a bona fide Nigerian. The break up affects the party and its leadership of the nation.

A far more  important and noble consideration for Jonathan is how to save Nigeria from break up and move it forward. This will be an immense achievement that will endear Jonathan to the hearts of the grass-roots of this country, regardless of whether he loses or wins his presidency. By setting up the National Conference to examine this issue and provide recommendations, he has already set himself on a course that must not be derailed by a handful of influential power group, who arrogantly believe that they know best what is good for Nigeria and Nigerians.. This is the power group that divided up the oil resources of this nation into private oil blocks and hold the rest of the nation to ransom with “their wealth”.

Little wonder that this power group are rattled by the prospect of this National Conference coming up with a recommendation that may not only expose them but possibly put an end to “their wealth”. They fear that any change in the political and social frame work of this nation may adversely affect their fortune from oil and other financial loot.

In the light of of this forgoing it is clear that the present challenge is not for personal fight or political fight. It is a challenge by powers of darkness that have continued to plunge this nation into anarchy and bloodshed for selfish ends which they camouflage as “patriotism”. There are now warnings and even threats of killing any one with opposing view. This is democracy for you!

Here is the critical question: Is it time the entire grass-roots of Nigeria say enough is enough and rally round the present administration to take the bull by the horn, so to speak, and introduce changes that will guarantee lasting peace to this part of the world, regardless of the shape or final arrangement?


In his 2014 New Year’s message, Jonathan outlined an excellent blueprint of the direction this administration is headed. It contains the achievements and the wish list for the new year and beyond. The mood of the nation is favourable for him to drive ahead this high ideal, regardless of the threats posed by the power clique.

Why do I say that the mood of the nation is favourable for Jonathan?

Here are the facts:

1. The playing field has changed. Nigerians are now more aware and more vocal. they know that lies and deceit are common place.

2. Nigeria has never been so divided as it is today, with various groups demanding self determination ( Arewa, Oduduwa, Ogonis, Ijaws, Niger- Delta, Igbos, etc)

3. No one constitutes an army by himself/herself. Mobilising sufficient army of like-minded Nigerians will be a Herculean task. Only a handful of people who gain from the present       confusion and anarchy will be attracted. The grass-roots of Nigeria  will never again dance to the drum beat of ” to keep Nigeria one is a task that must be done”. Nigerians have witnessed the outcome of the last brutal civil war fought ostensibly to keep  Nigeria one, but in reality it was a hollow patriotism that enriched a handful of power group.

The oil fields of this country became their booty and were divided up into privately owned oil blocks to the detriment of the masses of this nation who paid the price of war by their blood shed. The net effect of this plus the wanton looting of the nations treasury is that the very oil resources that transformed the fortunes of former desert tribes of Dubai and Abu Dhabi into rich modern nations failed to do so for Nigeria only because of selfish individual aggrandisement and mismanagement.

4.The international community is unlikely to turn a blind eye to any further military action in this country.

5. Late Nelson Mandela has shown the world and Africans in particular that the only realistic way forward in resolving human conflict and discrimination is dialogue with truth, openness, forgiveness and reconciliation.

There are other  examples of of people who took the bull by the horn in their own countries and changed the course of history not only for their own country but for all humanity

Immediate examples are Mahatma Gandhi for India; Rev. Martin Luther King for USA, paving the way for Obama to become president of USA.


Finally, we are acutely aware that in the 53 years of Nigeria’s so-called independence we have suffered one brutal civil war with loss of about three million lives, seven military coups, one cancelled civilian election, the present Boko Haram  insurgency in the North and the widespread violence and insecurity in the country. These have not solved any problems. A further military action will only intensify bitterness, suspicion, division and mistrust rather than solve any problem.

We have a collective responsibility to peacefully evolve the type of arrangement that will guarantee Nigerians peace, stability and a sense of belonging.                                                                                                                               •Dr. Eddie Ozumba, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist at Rockhampton Base Hospital. He operates from Australia and New Zealand
Why Jonathan should fight back, or Obasanjo will end his presidency.  By Chido Nwangwu.                                                                                             

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  2. Thank you, Dr. Ozumba, for this honest analysis. I could highlight many excellent points you made, but I certainly agree with you that the breakup of the ruling party does not constitute a breakdown for Nigeria. President Goodluck, as you rightly stated, can redeem the nation and his presidency for the wellbeing of the masses by following through on the National Conference. His legitimacy and authenticity can only be augmented IF he also does something about corruption, starting from home. Nigerians are watching; so is the entire world, especially post Mandela's legacy. Can Africa still raise leaders who are driven, not by greed and shortsightedness, but by selflessness, integrity, and justice?

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