USAfricaMUSIC: Zomadee, new Afro-Pop star sings for peace in Nigeria

USAfricaMUSIC: Zomadee, new Afro-Pop star sings for peace in Nigeria
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He is a multi-talented artiste who writes and sings engaging music. Zomadee is a new Afro-Pop star, born in Nigeria but currently lives in America’s 4th largest city of Houston, Texas. Even while abroad, he ponders and sings about the Nigerian conditionZomadee.

‘I wrote this song because news from Nigeria sometimes leave me sleepless,’ Zomadee told and CLASSmagazine Chido Nwangwu.

His recent release of his second single titled ‘Naija Song’ (Na We Get Am) is drawing lots of attention. He adds that the song is intended to help foster peace in Nigeria. It starts with the first two lines of the National Anthem of Nigeria and appeals for unity, peace and love in Nigeria. On his website, Zomadee credits the composers of the National Anthem.

Zomadee likes his music to have special messages hence he debuted with ‘Mama Joanna’ — a song praising the resilience of the struggling African woman.

Both songs were produced by Nigeria’s ace Producer Chris Okoro in Lagos assisted by Jonathan Chan and Chris Longwood of the Sugarhill Recording Studios in Houston.

In recalling how he started singing, Zomadee said ‘I always tried to write songs, but never really sang until I met a music band leader named Austin Smith in Houston who convinced me to sing.”

On his future recording plans, Zomadee has promised to come out with more music ‘More songs will be coming and I need the support of everyone out there.’ You can follow him on his website, his songs on iTunes  and


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