USAfrica: Why I oppose protests against Trump’s election. By Dozie Ezeife


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I did not support the election of Donald Trump as the next President of the United States. I am mortified by his surprise win and terrified by his administration. He won and we must respect that fact and allow him exercise his mandate.

I am against those who are demonstrating against and “rioting” because of his win. That is wrong and uncivilized. It is pathetic that the progressive left that assumed the higher ground and claimed moral superiority against the Trump side will be the people bucking the system. Rather than demonstrate, we must congratulate him and pray for his success. If he succeeds, the benefit will inure to all Americans, “Nasties” and “Baskets of deplorables” alike.

Demonstrating portrays us as sore losers and cry babies. We should go about the earnest task of regrouping to hold his feet to the fire on his outlandish promises, while guarding against the erosion of our hard-earned civil liberties.

That said: Trump and the Republican Party have pledged to erase the “Obama Legacy”. That is well and good. I welcome that, provided they replace it with a better legacy. Curiously and predictably, they have limited his “legacy” to only two signature issues: the so-called Obama-Care and his progressive immigration Executive Orders. I dare them to undertake a blanket reversal of these two programs. I dare them to take away medical coverage from the 20 million Americans that are beneficiaries of Obama-Care. I dare them to reverse the Medicare expansion that have taken place in several states. I dare them to deport millions of young men and women who were brought here by their parents as young children.

Obama’s legacy transcends Obama-Care and Immigration Executive Orders. I dare President Trump to reverse the following Obama Legacies:
1. I dare Trump to return the US economy to what is was in January of 2009 when there was zero economic growth and the economy was contracting;
2. I dare Trump to return the unemployment rate back to 10% from the less than 4% where Obama has brought it down to;
3. I dare Trump to reverse the 2000% point that the US Stock market has grown to since 2009;
4. I dare Trump to return the US Auto Industry to the bankrupt state that they were in 2009 when Obama bailed it out:
5. I dare Trump to return the US Banking Sector to where it was in 2009 when Banks were failing left and right until Obama stabilized the sector with Bank consolidation and bailouts;
6. I dare Trump to return the US Real Estate sector to what it was in 2009 when 200,000 Americans were losing their homes every month until Obama intervened and reversed the trend. Today the sector is back to almost where it was pre-collapse;
7. I dare Trump to reverse the billions of dollars in infrastructure that Obama’s Stabilization and Reconstruction Fund brought to all the states;
8. I dare Trump to reverse the reduction in violent crimes and crimes in general that Obama investment in Law Enforcement brought about;
9. I dare Trump to return the hundreds of thousands of our brave men and women back to Iraq and Afghanistan where they were being poached by terrorists and bodies were returning in pine boxes on every flight from the Iraq and Afghanistan;
10. I dare Trump to continue the useless wars we were mired in, in Iraq and Afghanistan that was costing over a hundred billion a year to the American people;
11. I dare Trump to return the reputation of America around the world that that was at its lowest ebb until Obama came and cleaned it up;
12. I dare Trump to continue to detain hundreds of innocent people endlessly in Dozie_Ezeife

Guantanamo Bay without trial at a huge cost in dollars and bad reputation to the US;
13. I dare Trump to bring back to life Osama bin Laden.
These are some of Obama Legacies, but listening to Trump and Republicans, you will think all Obama did in 8 years was pass Obama-Care and sign a couple of Executive Orders on Immigration.                                                                                                                                              •Dozie Ezeife, a lawyer in the Oakland-SanFrancisco Bay Area, is a columnist for

Chido Nwangwu -founder-usafrica-on-voting-for-hillary-or-trump2016
Chido Nwangwu -founder-usafrica-on-voting-for-hillary-or-trump2016