Obiano dismisses alleged shipment of arms from Nigeria’s north into Nnewi as false

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Anambra State Governor Willie Obiano has dismissed as false a rumour which spread over this mid-June 2017 weekend which claimed there was a movement of arms from an unspecified city from the largely Islamic northern section of Nigeria to the overwhelming christian Anambra state.

The social media report claimed that arms were found inside a vehicle from the north loaded with yams and tomatoes in the business city of Nnewi.

Obiano who spoke at the weekend during the Golden Jubilee of the Bishop on the Niger, Dr. Owen Nwokolo, at the  Basillica of St Andrews Anglican church, Onitsha, characterized  the report as “bloody falsehood.”


He recalled that: “Immediately I got the information around 12.30am, because I don’t joke with such issues whether rumor or not, I ordered the track team of the joint service as well as the bomb disposal experts to invade Otolo Nnewi. Within 12.30 to 3.00am, I was directing the operations. I ordered that they bring down everything from the truck and search all the tomatoes and yams, until they confirmed that the truck was free of ammunition.” 

Also, he used the “opportunity to let you know the effort of the acting president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to stabilise this country after the unfortunate comment by the Arewa Youths.”


“For that segment of discussion, the takeaway is, everybody calm your people down. We want to reassure you that is what the acting president is saying, we want to assure that you are safe anywhere you live in Nigeria and that the threat is useless. That was why he chose church leaders in the meeting so they can communicate to the people.”

Osinbajo recently visited Anambra State — where, USAfrica notes, he was warmly received.    The direct threat and violent language by the Arewa/Hausa/Fulani demanding the the Igbo resident in the “northern region” should leave before October 1, 2017, have combined to overheat the existing ethnic and religious tension in Nigeria.  By Chido Nwangwu



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