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In a major, symbolic recognition of his commitment, support and services to the Catholic Church, Pope Francis has honored Anambra State Governor Willie Obiano with an investiture as a Papal Knight Commander of the Pontifical Order of St. Gregory the Great. 


Obiano who was given the gift of a lifetime: a papal skull cap (zucchetto) attended the January 15, 2020 in Rome with the First Lady of Anambra State Ebelechukwu Obiano, their daughter Dr. ‘Gechi Obiano, 7 1/2 years old son ‘Difu Obiano, chief of staff Primus Odili, APGA  political party chieftains Victor Umeh and Victor Oye; plus a couple of operations staff.

During an exclusive chat with USAfrica multimedia networks’ Publisher Chido Nwangwu at his Spring, Texas residence enroute Rome, Obiano said that “I do believe that it would be such a blessing beyond anything that I have been honored with or awarded.” 


Without a doubt, January 15 is an incomparable milestone for this former banker whose public profile reflects a confetti of accolades and recognitions!  @Chido247




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