Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Tunisia ranked first in North Africa on good governance

The third annual report published by the Kennedy School of Governance which is part of Harvard’s school of political sciences, focuses this year on “Strengthening Governance in Africa”. The rankings were established on the basis of 57 indexes of good governance centred on such determinants as security, transparency, rule of law, participation and human rights, economic stability and human development.

Polanski, Whoopi and amoral Hollywood’s favorite rapist

Weinstein supported a documentary last year arguing that the real injustice came not from the rape, but from the oppression of Polanski by his prosecutors/persecutors in Los Angeles. Weinstein compounded the foolishness by circulating a petition of famous directors who've joined the protest. Amazingly, the list includes Woody Allen, another famous dirty old man in Hollywood, who scandalously carried on a sexual relationship with an adopted stepdaughter 34 years his junior, and then married her. Then there's Whoopi Goldberg, whose defense of Polanski on ABC's "The View" was that "it wasn't rape-rape," since he pleaded guilty to sex with a minor. Earth to Whoopi: It was statutory rape. It was non-consensual. Goldberg claimed everybody needed to wait for facts, even though the facts of the rape are crystal clear, as is the justice this man tried to evade. None of that matters to her.

Literature, Culture and Development: The African Experience

In all of these essays and more, we can readily discern a tentative, but increasingly confident approach towards a definitive statement concerning what Dr. Madubuike was clearly beginning to be convinced was an inevitable linkage between a normative species of African Literature which derived from an authentic elucidation of African cultural values, and the inevitable obligation to fight, through it, for, and promote 'African development'. Now, 'African development', in this context, was not to be construed merely as just a socio-economic term. It is in fact an omnibus term. It implied the cultural and psychological struggle for self-identification in reaction against silly European notions of the non-identity, if you like, of the African person. It implied the political obligation of the African writer, and the critic of his writings, to deploy their talents in support of the struggle to liberate all Africans from their colonial masters. And it also implicated a clear duty, both on the part of the creative writer and of the literary critic of his offerings, to come up with a canonical definition of the Africanness in African literature.

Soccer FIFA Under-20: Ghana vs South Africa on Tuesday

Ghana vs South Africa lock horns on Tuesday in FIFA Under-20 World Cup; certain an African team will qualify for Quarter finals Four African teams are still chasing the elusive FIFA Under-20 World Cup with either...

Pope launches synod on Africa’s issues until Oct 25

Pope launches synod on Africa's woes until October 25 Special to Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday celebrated a special mass to open a month-long synod of African bishops to discuss their continent's conflicts, social injustice...

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