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  1. @Barth: You are right, it does not have anything to do with it. But, I guess I mentioned the ethnicity to indicate she was Nigerian. I think it could be misinterpreted.

  2. Nginthehouse says:

    As a mum myself, I can only imagine what the other mums who lost their kids in that fire are going through. Ms Tara was negligent in her duties as a caregiver, which made those innocent chidden pay the ultimate price. She has to face those charges…and we hope this will serve as a deterant to other childcare providers, who are careless, and care only about the money they get paid for their services – Nnenna.

  3. Well, the first time I left my baby with a babysitter, Yoruba to be precise, I saw her at the store when I went on my lunch break. She was shopping for pounded yam and other items. None of the babies were with her. She also plaited hair, sewed in weaves, and sold costume jewelry, all in the same one bedroom apartment she shared with her husband and little son. Needless to say, I took my baby back after just a couple of days of dropping there, and went back to paying my regular nanny. Unfortunately, there are some of our people who come to the States to make money, money, money, and each little child they can get hold of, means just that: more money.

  4. So so sad it happened to a fellow uprising young Nigerian girl. Have once been there!

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