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    this is an unprecedented piece, i love it!

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    Thanks for your reaction to this commentary. Someone drew my attention to it.
    I just want to say that I did not absolve any political party from imposition of candidates. If you read paragraph 3, lines 5/6, I did say: "In PDP primaries, imposition of candidates was rife more than in the other political parties". I did not attribute the lack of internal democracy to PDP alone as you averred. Again thanks for your feedback.

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    Thank you Nkem for making it clear here that it was Rtd Gen. Obasanjo's antics that discredited PDP. PDP is still a party to beat. PDP has proven that they can still win elections in a fair and just scenario. Even though PDP lost some seats across the nation (majorly in the South West), they did impressively in Yobe, Kano, Borno and Anambra which were ANPP & APGA strongholds respectively.
    You also said PDP imposed most of its candidates. ACN's so called primaries was marred by violence in Lagos and Edo, because candidates were picked by the party Governors and stalwarts before the day of primary. I don't think one should attribute it to PDP alone, it is a Nigerian thing, because CPC, APGA nor ANPP are innocent of candidate imposition.
    My prayer for Nigeria is that we should vote against sectional politics. I hope CPC, ACN, ANPP and APGA will either unify to form a teeming opposition to PDP or they work assiduously individually towards penetrating all the geo-political zones of the country (a feat that only PDP has been able to achieve currently).
    PDP today is a nationalist party unmasking its true identity under the leadership of President Goodluck Jonathan.

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    Nathaniel .A

    President Jonathan made all the difference this time.He(Jonathan) wants a free and fair election and he is getting just that with Prof. Jega.Sincerity ,proaction and willingness to listen to nigerians on the part of Jega made him improve on what he met on ground.l guess the so-called big names that have lost out will now as usual queue up in Abuja for 'square peg in round hole' appointments since the will of the people have prevailed………an engrossing write-up.A very good read.

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    Indeed, there is the President Jonathan effect as i voted and the ballot papers coun ted ,recorded on the approved result sheets in my presence. Moreso the trend as seen with the emmergence of other paties in the legistive business remains the tonic to give our democracy the true meanings. Now, an opportunity for wider consultation exist in carrying out legislative duties. equally, this a pointer that the era of assumptions and conclussions that only PDP ticket sells is over as the electorates prove more vigilant than the few living on the past. Now, we can begin to imagine what 2015 would test like. So lets keep dancing for a new revolution is on hand. Bravo

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