Eight lessons of the 1994 Rwanda Genocide. By Chido Nwangwu

The fifth lesson of the Rwanda genocide reveals the nakedness of one of the dirty secrets of African leaderships over the past 60 years: the weak-kneed clause of "non-interference" into the "sovereign" issues in other "member states" of the defunct organization of African Unity (OAU), now the African Union. They strive to protect their priviledged ponds of opulence and umbrellas of dictatorship and autocracy.

Nigerian-American Jessica Tata’s sentencing over deaths of 4 children: felony murder,...

Also, a factor which complicated her case is the fact that a few days after the deaths of the children, Jessica fled to her parents' home area in Port Harcourt, Nigeria (as first reported here on USAfricaonline.com) -- until she was arrested and returned in March 2012 to the U.S by the U.S Marshalls, Interpol and allied security services. She has Nigeria as her country of citizenship, although she was born in the Houston area of the U.S.

Is Nigeria’s good side doomed by the ugly and the bad?

Is Nigeria's good side doomed by the ugly and the bad? By Prof. Rosaire Obioha Ifedi Special insight for USAfrica multimedia networks, Houston. USAfricaonline.com,  CLASSmagazine, The Black...

Father of Nigerian-born terrorist Mutallab unlikely to attend Jan 8 trial...

Houston-based USAfrica multimedia networks and USAfricaonline.com can report that based on information, at this time, deriving from multiple familiar sources we spoke to/contacted who are associated with the senior Mutallab: the father of the al-Qaeda-bred zealot and wealthy Nigerian secular and Islamic banking investor Alhaji Umaru Mutallab is not likely going to be at the opening trial; if any. This does not rule out the presence of any of the family members, including the alleged terrorist's traumatized mother, Aisha. This well-connected person inside Nigeria noted the critical issue is that: "I believe the Alhaji knows it is a different matter he expressed concerns about his son's religious views and trip to Yemen to the U.S embassy in Nigeria, privately; it is another thing to have him travel to another country (the U.S) to testify for or against his own son. He may well simply be an observer. We all will be watching to see what happens…."

Michelle Obama brings substance, grace and teary credibility to introduce Barack.

I think that particularly, on style of presentation, to her detractors who paint her as "an angry Black woman", she came to Charlotte with an almost cherubic grace and engaging smile; I know that to those human fountains of negativism against her who scream and yell on FoxNews and other partisan platforms that she "hates America", Michelle shattered their wicked lies by restating the Realities of her love for America and the Obamas' gratitude for living the American dream!

Mutallab, Nigerian-born ‘Underwear bomber’ sentenced to life in U.S. prison

Mutallab, Nigerian-born ‘Underwear bomber’ sentenced to life in U.S. prison  Special to USAfricaonline.com,  the USAfrica-powered e-groups of  Nigeria360, IgboEvents, UNNalumni,  and CLASSmagazine Houston. Detroit, Thursday Feb 16, 2012, Associated Press: A Nigerian man on...

Soccer: 2014 World Cup qualifiers in Africa resumes; Nigeria vs Kenya

Follow USAfrica @Twitter.com/Chido247, Facebook.com/USAfricaChido n Facebook.com/USAfrica247 Celtic midfielder Victor Wanyama says Kenya can stun Nigeria in Calabar (Nigeria) this weekend when the 2014 World Cup qualifiers in Africa...

USAfrica: What is the life of a “Black” African worth in...

What is the life of a "Black" African worth in Libya, globally? By Jane O. Ikezi Exclusive commentary for USAfricaonline.com @USAfricaLive News streaming and trending across the...

Why Cote D’Ivoire’s crisis does not need military intervention

The single most important geo-political foreign policy hindsight of the past decade, arguably, is the lesson not to indulge in a hasty invasion of a foreign country – without counting the cost, absolute necessity to do so; and without a clear exit strategy. It will be unfortunate to repeat the biggest error of the past decade.

USAfrica: Trump looks foolish and crazy screaming about Obama’s birth certificates,...

Trump looks foolish and crazy screaming about Obama's birth certificates, college records and Muslim connection By Raynard Jackson, USAfrica contributing editor and columnist Special to USAfricaonline.com When...
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