EGYPT’s army sacks parliament; suspends constitution and will rule for 6 months until next elections

EGYPT’s army sacks parliament; suspend constitution and will rule for 6 months until next elections
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The movement to absolute power by Egypt’s military leaders has led to their dissolving the parliament, one of the rubber stamps of the disgraced, former President Hosni Mubarak.
The Supreme Council of Armed Forces also suspended the constitution of Egypt; both decisions aimed in part to open the path for elections in 6 months. One of the mechanisms for this is their announced plan to form a review committee to amend the constitution. This will be followed a referendum for popular consent of Egyptians.
Ahmed Shafiq, the interim leader, said that “I guarantee that this [cabinet] will return rights to the people and fight corruption.” The protesters demanded electoral reforms and true democratic contests
Shafiq noted that “The first priority for this government is to restore security and to facilitate daily life for its citizens.” notes that a delicate balance of the maximum rulership of the armed forces with the democratic expectations and demands of the victorious protesters will be the reality as Egypt moves ahead.
USAfrica: As Egypt’s corrupter-in-chief Mubarak slides into history’s dustbin….
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