DANGEROUS: 20 Igbos “targeted”, shot to death in northern Nigeria city of Mubi


Boko Haram suspected as 20 Igbos “targeted”, shot to death in northern Nigeria city of Mubi

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In another brazen move to fuel ethnic and religious conflicts in

DANGEROUS: 20 Igbos "targeted", shot to death in northern Nigeria city of Mubi
President Goodluck Jonathan. file -pix-via_USAfricaonline.com

Nigeria, as agitated for and executed by factions of the  radical, violent Islamist sect Boko Haram, some masked Nigerian gunmen on a mission specifically to  “target Igbos” have killed at least 10 members of the christian Igbo community in Mubi, located in the north-eastern section of Nigeria.

According to the BBC: residents in Mubi told its reporter that those killed were from the Igbo community from the south of the country.
They had been meeting to organise how to transport the body of an Igbo man shot dead by gunmen on motorbikes on Thursday evening.
Mubi is in Adamawa state which borders Borno state, where radical Islamist militants began an insurgency in 2010.
Last month, the president declared a state of emergency in Yobe and Borno states in the north-east, Plateau state in central Nigeria and Niger state in the west following a surge in ethnic and sectarian violence.DANGEROUS: 20 Igbos "targeted", shot to death in northern Nigeria city of Mubi
The police blame much of the violence on the Islamist Boko Haram group, which wants to impose strict Sharia law across Nigeria.”

USAfrica recalls that similar killings of Igbos and other south easterners who were residents of the northern region of Nigeria lit the fire that started the 1967-1979 war between the south easterners (who formed a zone of safety, the Republic of Biafra) and the rest three quarters of Nigeria. The christmas day bombing and killings of at least 40 christians (with almost 32 of  those from the same Igbo community) by the radical, violent Boko Haram Islamic sect; last night’s attack on the predominantly southern christians Deeper Life church in the same northern region; the killings of muslims in Borno and Plateau States despite the declaration of  a state of emergency by President Jonathan have all combined to cause severe concerns over personal safety of millions of Nigerians, and doubts about the capacity of the Jonathan government to maintain law and order. By Chido Nwangwu, Publisher of USAfrica multimedia networks, Houston; USAfricaonline.com and the Nigeria360 e-group.


USAfrica, December 17, 2011:  IF any of the Nigerian President’s 100 advisers has the polite courage for the extraordinary task of reminding His Excellency of his foremost, sworn, constitutional obligation to the national interest about security and safety of Nigerians and all who sojourn in Nigeria, please whisper clearly to Mr. President that I said, respectfully: Nigerians, at home and abroad, are still concerned and afraid for living in what I call Nigeria’s Federal Republic of Insecurity. FULL text of commentary at USAfricaonline.com                                                                            https://usafricaonline.com/2011/12/17/nigeria-federal-republic-of-insecurity-by-chido-nwangwu/


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