Your healthy Weight and Size tips. By Dr. Oby Okoli


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Your healthy Weight and Size tips

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People come in various shapes and sizes. Some people are big and some people are small.
Some people easily gain weight while others easily lose weight. No matter the category you
belong to, paying attention to your weight is very important and worthwhile. Avoid being
overweight. Being overweight can result in a lot of problems for you as far as your health is
concerned. It is not alright to allow your weight to continue to increase.

Seize the opportunity of a new year to start making efforts to maintain a healthy weight.


You will enjoy numerous rewards by maintaining a healthy weight. Healthy weight is not automatic it takes some efforts to achieve. Desire a healthy weight and work towards it. Before opting for medications or other treatment for weight control, use lifestyle modification to achieve a healthy weight.
The following suggestions would get you started on the path towards a healthy weight.

(1) Be aware of your weight. Take time to weigh yourself. Stay as close to your ideal weight
as possible in order to enhance your overall health. Your ideal weight is the healthiest
weight for you. It is determined using your height, weight and gender. Your muscle mass
is also taken into consideration in evaluating your ideal weight. Your doctor can help
you determine your ideal weight.

(2) Be careful about what you eat. Some foods are very good for you and some foods are
very bad for you. The fact that it is sold out there as food does not mean that you should
eat it. Avoid junk, processed, sugary and fatty foods. Whole grains and whole wheat are
good for you. Your fruits and vegetables are your friends. Eat them generously every

(3) Be careful about how you eat. Avoid eating when you are not hungry. Avoid eating just
for comfort.

(4) Keep moving. Exercise is very beneficial for good health and weight. No matter how
busy you are, get started on a good exercise routine and keep yourself moving. Exercise
options are numerous. Take advantage of them. Aim at exercising four to five days a
week. If you are unable to exercise for 30 to 45 minutes in one day, exercise for 15
minutes two to three times in one day.

Take care of your body and your body will take care of you and over time your health will

Look out for my new book on health. It is coming soon. It is a guide to better health and weight without guesswork.
•Dr. Okoli, Atlanta-based doctor of pharmacy, is a contributing editor and columnist for USAfrica multimedia networks and CLASSmagazine (Houston).

**USAfrica HealthWatch commentaries are not intended to be used for self-diagnosis and treatment. If you are sick promptly consult your physician. USAfricaonline and our health column writing contributors will not be legally responsible for our health comments and for health issues involving our readers.

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