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When will Africans stop being the victims of European, American and Asian neo-colonial mess? 

Without a doubt, assessing the initial impact of the coronavirus pandemic around the world, this is neither the end of times nor is it the best of times for Africans.

The key question is: how safe are  the African countries and their citizens from the virus?

I pose this question because it was only yesterday March 18, 2020 that the Nigerian government got around to placing a travel ban on those countries with “high risk” exposure to the virus (as reported here on USAfricaonline.com 

It is sad to note that most of the other African countries have had no response; no plan, no protection!

We had opportunities to stall and stem the tide of this virus, from spreading to Africa,  but thee laid-back attitude that hopes for some miraculous curative than preventive always sets inn.

Any organized society would have embarked on immediate preventive and precautionary measures; through boarder closures, while restricting movement of people to Africa, but we allowed our gullibility and carelessness to pave easy access for the disease to find inroads into Africa.

Although, Africa’s largely import dependent economy might be a factor for the reluctance.

Another critical point that I need to make is on the very poor knowledgeable percentage of Africans who understand basic sciences. There are millions – including some in leadership positions who dangerously believe that Africa’s hot climate incapacitates the coronavirus, or that Africans, have certain immune system that resists the pandemic.

But the erroneous belief has already encouraged unchecked influx of many carriers into Africa, all hoping for miracle healing. The result of which might begin to manifest in no distant future.

When will African leaders wake up to their responsibilities, and stop being indolent? Why can’t they be proactive on life threatening issues as these? 

Why did Nigeria’s government of retired Gen. Muhammadu Buhari wait till the calamity began its infestation into our communities before beginning to gear up to responsibilities, amidst its deficient capacity.

Finally, mark my words and soon (if care is not taken), Africa will become tagged as the pandemic pariah continent! Consequently, other nations become wary and weary to receive Africans for fear of the virus; as if the coronavirus emanated from Africa.

When will Africans stop being the victims of European, American and Asian neo-colonial mess? 

• Prince Dosumu, based in Lagos, writes for Houston-headquartered USAfrica multimedia networks on public policy. This is his first.  

#BreakingNews and special reports unit of USAfrica multimedia networks, USAfricaonline.com and USAfricaTV

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